Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Book Of Revelation ~ Chapter 1 of 22


From the makers of "After the Tribulation", comes a new 22 hour series on the Book of Revelation.  This series will go through each chapter of the book of Revelation, verse-by-verse; leaving you with a clear understanding of what Scripture plainly teaches about the coming "end times". 

We have already watched "After the Tribulation" as a family, and are certainly looking forward to the release of this new series!  We love hearing what the Word of God teaches about this topic, rather than being led by misinformation, that comes from the "traditions of men". 

As an encouragement, the makers of "The Book of Revelation" have released the first hour of the film free to view online!  Our family watched it yesterday, and LOVED it!  I would encourage you to let go of pre-conceived ideas and truly learn what the Bible teaches. :)

You can donate to this project here, or pre-order your copy now!

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