Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sock Monster!

Seriously, where do all those odd socks go to?  I've long suspected that we have a "sock monster", who hides in our laundry basket and gobbles them all up at his leisure.  Just recently, while we were away in Belfast, my lovely mum decided to dig into the deepest recesses our our laundry basket and wash through it all for me!  Guess what she found?  Yes - lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of socks!  Amy was the lucky lady who was chosen to sort through them and pair them all up!  Ha!    

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Somethin' Fishy

Recently, through the help of a friend at church, my husband has managed to find us a very cheap source of fresh fish!  We ideally would like to eat fish about twice per week, but with shop prices so high, that ideal never really worked out.  Now we have an abundance of fish to choose from on a fairly regular basis; all freshly caught off the coast of Ireland - no Japanese radioactive fish for us!  One of the great benefits of this, is that on those times that we get some non-oily fish, I can freeze and save the heads for making copious amounts of health promoting fish stock! 

About two weeks ago, my husband was picking up our fish, when he spotted some Dublin Bay Prawns - he "snapped" them up thinking that the kids would enjoy them!  The kids did indeed enjoy them, but boy they were hard work to process, with very little meat for our returns.  I don't think we'll be getting them again!  That same day, he also bought plenty of mackerel and some "megs" and "witches".  We have no idea what the correct names for those last two types of fish are, that is just what the local fishermen call them, they are both flat fish.  After spending all afternoon processing the fish, my husband thought he was finally done.  That was until a friend called later that evening, and said he had caught some wild salmon that day and wanted to know did we want one?  We normally do not buy salmon, on account of the majority of commercially sold salmon being farmed and raised on GM feed - so we jumped at the chance!  Our salmon was fairly big and after we had cleaned it out, my husband and I enjoyed a salmon steak each (the kids were in bed), and put the rest in the freezer!  Plus, we ate the roe on sourdough toast the very next day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

MIA Blogger

Yes, it has been over two WHOLE weeks, since I last posted!  My poor neglected little blog!

There has been SO MUCH going on of late, that I don't ever seem to get a minute to sit at the computer.  The most recent of of our goings on, is that we have booked a small family holiday/vacation!  As we didn't get away at all last year, we are all very excited and are looking forward to spending extra time together, having fun and making memories!  Woohoo!

Currently my husband is on two weeks holiday from work, and so we're enjoying having Daddy home much more than usual.  Seemingly everyone is so excited to have him home, that there just doesn't seem that there is enough of him to go around! 

This weekend we're looking forward to hosting a church luncheon in our home, after the Sunday service.  We did this last year also and we all just had the best time - so-much-so, that I found myself getting teary after everyone went home!  What a blessing it is to have a GREAT church family!  Not long ago my husband and I used to feel so isolated, as if we were the only Bible-believing Christians in the whole country, but God certainly has blessed us since!  This year we're also delighted that our new friends, the "K" family, will be joining us!  :)

So yes, this has been an awful post - terribly short and NO pictures to boot!  Ah well, I'll simply appeal for your patience and understanding!  If it is any consolation at all, I do *think* out posts out as I go about my day - so in my head I have an AWESOME blog!  Hahahaha!  Seriously, I hope to be back when things are quieter with lots of news to tell and plenty of pictures too!

I Hope You're All Having A Wonderful Week In The LORD!