Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Somethin' Fishy

Recently, through the help of a friend at church, my husband has managed to find us a very cheap source of fresh fish!  We ideally would like to eat fish about twice per week, but with shop prices so high, that ideal never really worked out.  Now we have an abundance of fish to choose from on a fairly regular basis; all freshly caught off the coast of Ireland - no Japanese radioactive fish for us!  One of the great benefits of this, is that on those times that we get some non-oily fish, I can freeze and save the heads for making copious amounts of health promoting fish stock! 

About two weeks ago, my husband was picking up our fish, when he spotted some Dublin Bay Prawns - he "snapped" them up thinking that the kids would enjoy them!  The kids did indeed enjoy them, but boy they were hard work to process, with very little meat for our returns.  I don't think we'll be getting them again!  That same day, he also bought plenty of mackerel and some "megs" and "witches".  We have no idea what the correct names for those last two types of fish are, that is just what the local fishermen call them, they are both flat fish.  After spending all afternoon processing the fish, my husband thought he was finally done.  That was until a friend called later that evening, and said he had caught some wild salmon that day and wanted to know did we want one?  We normally do not buy salmon, on account of the majority of commercially sold salmon being farmed and raised on GM feed - so we jumped at the chance!  Our salmon was fairly big and after we had cleaned it out, my husband and I enjoyed a salmon steak each (the kids were in bed), and put the rest in the freezer!  Plus, we ate the roe on sourdough toast the very next day!


~SALLY~ said...

Oh that's funny. I love watching older and younger siblings interact. Your Amy looks like she is alot of fun to be around!

I KNOW fish is good for us but I struggle with the smell of it cooking. Maybe we should try it sometime...might be a big hit! (we eat battered fish sticks...does that count? LOL!)

1HappyWife said...

Too funny! Dylan and Amy look like they are having a great time!!!
Meg does not look so sure about that fish :).