Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Day At The Beach

Beautiful Duncannon Beach

Last Thursday, my husband decided to take us all out for a day at the beach.  We had a GREAT day!  Despite the weather being somewhat windy and overcast when we arrived, after about half an hour or so, the weather improved greatly and ended up being quite warm and sunny.  Plus, because the locals schools were now back in session, we practically had the beach to ourselves for a lot of the day!  We took lots of yummy food and I even packed real coffee (gasp!) in a flask as a surprise for my husband - alas, the flask was broken and so we enjoyed cold coffee instead!  We paddled, laughed, waded, dug, built, ate and rested and generally just had a great time being together! 

Amy Brought A Book To Enjoy


The Excavation Team
(The Eagle-Eyed Reader Might Have Spotted, That I Had A 
Blurry Patch On My Camera The Whole Day 
- I Have Since Cleaned The Lens!)


Dylan Chasing Amy, With Shovels Full Of Wet Sand!


Elizabeth said...

Your beaches are so very different than ours … and very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a privilege to have found your blog Mrs. Sarah. True blessing comes from Pastor Anderson and Mrs. Anderson/family of how I found your blog. I hope in future that you continue your blog which is so encouraging, a true inspiration to me and others. Giving God all the glory is totally aw! I deeply appreciate all you do and so much more! Blogs such as yours Mrs. Sarah/ your family and the Anderson family gives me great hope of knowing that God is the only Way, Truth, Life. I am not able to express the true depth of it all. Blessings in the NAME of Jesus. Rosita K3 ''

1HappyWife said...

Looks like such a wonderful day!That is so neat that you had the beach to yourselves. It is beautiful there!
Dylan, are you always chasing your sister with something :)?LOL! Amy looks like she doesn't mind :). Jonathan says, "Hi"! Playing in all that sand looks like so much fun!