Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Trip To Belfast ~ Museum

At this point in our holiday, we had all decided that we LOVED Belfast!  It is such a pretty city and was kept very clean and tidy.  Everyone we met was super friendly and helpful.  We much preferred visiting Belfast to Dublin (which was dirty and had serious issues with public drunkenness and open drug abuse) where we visited two years ago.  All the kids loved it too and our apartment was very nice and spacious.  The only thing that was not pleasant, was when our fire alarms went off (false alarm) at about 3am on our second night!  They were very loud and had flashing lights too!  Everyone got a fright that night...except Meg who slept through it all! 

Before our trip, I had been a little bit worried that my English accent mightn't go down too well up in Belfast, but the funny thing was, we actually got mistaken for Americans mostly...even my husband, who is Irish!?!!

After we had visited the botanic gardens, we headed over to Belfast City Museum.  I LOVE museums, the rest of our family...not so much!  My husband especially, has limited patience, when it comes to perusing and exclaiming over ancient artifacts.  *sigh*  This, in addition to fact that it was nearing lunchtime, and that we were visiting another place that day, all ensured that our visit to the museum was short.  But, I enjoyed it all the same! ;)

Dinosaurs - Another Of God's Wonderful Creations

This Room Was So NEAT!  
Plenty Of Hands On Activities For The Kids (And Adults!) To Do

Dylan And I Had Fun Tracing Hieroglyphics

Scary Miss Meg!

Dylan Was Surprised At How Heavy The Chain-Mail Was

Amy, Putting Together A Skull

It's Only Daddy...Phew!

Part Three Of Our "Trip To Belfast" Coming Soon...

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