Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Goings On...In Pictures

A Yummy Lunch To Supplement Our Study Of Israel

Everyone Loved Eating, And Saying, "Falafel"!  :)

This Lady Mainly Ate Hummus

My Husband And Dylan, Going Off Early In The Morning
 To Collect A Topper He Had Bought For The Tractor.

Pumpkin Scones

"Oh, It's Not A Touch Screen?"

"Talking" To GiGi (Grandad)


School Time

Making Pretty Bead Necklaces

My Tired Hubby Just In From Work, 
Being Mobbed By His Welcoming Committee
...All Listening To The Talking Bible App On His Phone.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just A Heads Up!

It has come to my attention, that whenever a commenter leaves me a long comment, I am not able to see all of the comment when it comes in for moderation, particularly the latter end of the comment.  It would seem to be that any comment over approximately 150 words, causes this to happen.  This may not be a big deal to some of you, but to those bloggers/commenters who sometimes send in "not to be published" comments, it may be!

For you own privacy, please ensure you state that you do not wish me to publish said comment, at the beginning of your comment.  If you put it at the end of your comment, I may not see your request and unknowingly post it.  Thanks! :)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Farming, Fall And Harvest

Everyone Loves Carrots!

We have been enjoying harvest time over the last few weeks.  Admittedly, the most abundant harvest, was the one crop we had nothing to do with planting or tending to - field mushrooms!  Ha!  They have been so delicious and plenteous, that we have eaten them in MANY recipes over the last few weeks.  We have been blessed enough, to have been able to give bags away to other families too. 

Even though my kids are not too fond of mushrooms, the fact that they have picked them themselves, has been key in encouraging them to eat'em up.  Though when it came to cream-of-mushroom soup, Dylan was permitted to drink up just the liquid and leave the mushies - he was just *not* able to choke them down.

Busy Boy!

Dylan Was So Thankful For This Fun Chore!

Dylan is SO looking forward to his upcoming 6th birthday (okay, me too!), on the 31st of this month!  I have been busy "pinning" birthday ideas over the last few weeks, so to my fellow "pinners", my apologies for spamming up your Pinterest page, with the chosen birthday theme!  It is hard to know who has the best time at family-centred birthday celebrations; oftentimes the siblings seem to be having just as much fun as the birthday boy/girl themselves!  

Meg Proudly Showing Off Her "Big Daddy" Mushroom


A Bit Of A Blur...But I LOVED Her Face In This Picture!

In other news, we have recently sent our meat cow to the butchers.  Thankfully, our waiting to get the meat back is almost over, and now everyone is excited to enjoy beef once again.  I am very much looking forward to tucking into a BIG steak!  This year, I was also able to speak with the lovely lady who runs the abattoir, and request that she send us all the bones back with the meat, so I can make us plenty of good, health-promoting, beef stock.  Being now out of the first trimester, I think that my stomach may be able to handle to cooking of such, without making me green-around-the-gills! 

Seeing as dinner is almost ready (Amy is kindly presiding over the kitchen, to allow me time to post!), I'll cut this post short here.  As per a request, from a lovely fellow blogger, I hope to have a pregnancy update up soon, so stayed tuned for that.  I hope that you're all enjoying the lovely autumn season, and have had a blessed week so far!

Dylan, Going To Feed The Chickens 
After Breakfast, With His "Best Friend" Meg

Genie-Mac Was Sadly Left Behind!

Transporting And Piling Up The Leaves

Our Wild Girl!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Will Sing Unto The Lord...

I LOVE to sing!  Admittedly, I'm not the best singer in the world, but I do love to sing praises to our wonderful God, as I go about my daily activities.  I love to hear my children sing also - even when they sing the same verse, over and over and over and OVER again! 

As my husband and I didn't grow up in Christian homes, we never knew most of the hymns that we love to sing now.  There are still a GREAT many that we do not know - but we are working on that!  Therefore, it was such a blessing to us when we began to attend our present church, and we realised that our Pastor kept the same hymn selection for 3-4 weeks in a row.  Doing it this way, allowed our family to memorize many of the words, and melodies off by heart.

After a couple of weeks of attending there, we were kindly gifted with two new hymnals for our family to use at home.  One regular hard-back (we now have another also), and a spiral-bound to keep at the piano.  Anyone who has seen these hymnals will know, that we use sticky tabs to mark to pages of the hymns we know, but at this stage there are sticky tabs hanging out all over the place!  I like this, because when I'm finished doing Bible time with the kids in the mornings, I can just flick through the marked pages and we can sing a selection of hymns that we all know.

When my husband and I were newly saved, we did listen to some contemporary Christian music, and continued to do so for a while.  However, we now prefer to sing/listen to traditional hymns or occasional classical pieces - we no longer listen to any contemporary Christian or non-Christian music.  In our quest to learn more hymns and have the option of having God honouring music to listen to within our home, we bought a CD set of traditional hymns for our family to enjoy.  Even though they are lovely to listen to, each hymn is performed by various professional choirs, and as such, the children (and sometimes my husband and I) couldn't always identify the hymn, or sing along easily.

Over the past few months, our family has benefit so much, from listening/and singing along to the Faithful Word Baptist hymn playlist, via YouTube.  It has been a blessing to be able to listen to traditional, congregational singing, within our home.  Little Meg loves to listen to the playlist especially, and in doing so, it sparked her interest in singing hymns herself (even though she cannot yet talk very well).  As I've already blogged about before, Meg now loves to sing hymns as part of her bed/naptime routine.  Her favourite all-time hymn is "Glory to His Name", as well as current favourite "At the Cross".  The older kids and I have learnt many new hymns this way and continue to do so.  Also, listening along before singing, helps us to stay in tune!

    "I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people:
I will sing unto thee among the nations." ~ Psalms 57:9

Monday, October 7, 2013

Much Study...

"And further, by these, my son,
 be admonished: of making many books
 there is no end; and much study is
 a weariness of the flesh."
~ Ecclesiates 12:12

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Trip To Belfast ~ Titanic Centre, Zoo And Home!

For the next stop on our first full day in Belfast, we visited the Titanic Centre.  I think this attraction was, by far, my favourite.  I think most everyone else in our family LOVED it too!  The centre itself was very elaborate and "touristy" which I actually liked, as we don't get much of that in the South. 

This Part Of The Mountain, Is Known As "Napoleon's Nose"

One of the highlights of this visit was the "Shipyard" ride.  This involved us taking a ride in a mechanical, cable car, type vehicle and hearing/seeing different aspects of the building/launch/sinking of the Titanic.  It was education and fun, Meg loved it, although she thought it was too loud at times!  At the end of our tour, we watched a video of the wreck, as it lies on the seabed.  The video was played in a movie theatre room, it was very interesting.  Whether or not you believe it is the actual Titanic that lies on the seabed, the fact remains that people still tragically lost their lives. 

Dylan Doing The "Morse Code" Interactive Game

Even This Floor Was Interactive!

After our tour, my husband kindly treated all of us to souvenirs from the gift shop, which probably cost him more than our admission!  After that, we visited the cafe and enjoyed some tea and a light snack (this expectant mama was HUNGRY!), before calling for a taxi and heading back to our apartment. 

A Bird's Eye View...The Atrium

Next Stop...Belfast Zoo!


On our second full day in Belfast, we visited the city zoo.  The zoo was located in the hills and mountains that surrounded some of the city centre.  When we arrived, there was still a lovely morning mist that covered most of the mountain; it was so pretty.  The kids loved looking at the different animals and learning about them.   Unfortunately, being 8 weeks pregnant at this stage on our holiday, I was feeling pretty nauseous.  So I didn't take many pictures at all on this day. :(

One of my favourite things about our holiday, was that we ate out for almost every meal, except breakfast!  We ate some of the NICEST food whilst in Belfast!  However, after our long day at the zoo, I asked my husband could we eat in instead, as I was SO tired and sick.  Being the lovely guy that he is, we ordered pizza!  It was very good, but the kids thought it still wasn't quite as nice as our homemade pizza. :) 

Meg's Streeeeeeeeetchy Mr Frog!


Dylan Enjoying The Mechanically Reclining Seats In First-Class!

The morning of our fourth day in Belfast had arrived, and so we needed to pack up our things quickly and make our way home.  We were VERY thankful that on the way home we were upgraded to the first class train carriage.  It was very cool!  We were all tickled with the extra perks!  I'm sure we stood out quite a bit, with all our "oohing and awwing".  Dylan especially LOVED the mechanical seats! He spent a good fifteen minutes going up and down, up and down, and up and down!  Then he laughed so hard when he did it to my seat whilst I was sleeping; talk about a dramatic wake-up!  Eventually we arrived home and we whilst we had, had a GREAT time in Belfast it was SO GOOD to be home!