Thursday, October 17, 2013

Farming, Fall And Harvest

Everyone Loves Carrots!

We have been enjoying harvest time over the last few weeks.  Admittedly, the most abundant harvest, was the one crop we had nothing to do with planting or tending to - field mushrooms!  Ha!  They have been so delicious and plenteous, that we have eaten them in MANY recipes over the last few weeks.  We have been blessed enough, to have been able to give bags away to other families too. 

Even though my kids are not too fond of mushrooms, the fact that they have picked them themselves, has been key in encouraging them to eat'em up.  Though when it came to cream-of-mushroom soup, Dylan was permitted to drink up just the liquid and leave the mushies - he was just *not* able to choke them down.

Busy Boy!

Dylan Was So Thankful For This Fun Chore!

Dylan is SO looking forward to his upcoming 6th birthday (okay, me too!), on the 31st of this month!  I have been busy "pinning" birthday ideas over the last few weeks, so to my fellow "pinners", my apologies for spamming up your Pinterest page, with the chosen birthday theme!  It is hard to know who has the best time at family-centred birthday celebrations; oftentimes the siblings seem to be having just as much fun as the birthday boy/girl themselves!  

Meg Proudly Showing Off Her "Big Daddy" Mushroom


A Bit Of A Blur...But I LOVED Her Face In This Picture!

In other news, we have recently sent our meat cow to the butchers.  Thankfully, our waiting to get the meat back is almost over, and now everyone is excited to enjoy beef once again.  I am very much looking forward to tucking into a BIG steak!  This year, I was also able to speak with the lovely lady who runs the abattoir, and request that she send us all the bones back with the meat, so I can make us plenty of good, health-promoting, beef stock.  Being now out of the first trimester, I think that my stomach may be able to handle to cooking of such, without making me green-around-the-gills! 

Seeing as dinner is almost ready (Amy is kindly presiding over the kitchen, to allow me time to post!), I'll cut this post short here.  As per a request, from a lovely fellow blogger, I hope to have a pregnancy update up soon, so stayed tuned for that.  I hope that you're all enjoying the lovely autumn season, and have had a blessed week so far!

Dylan, Going To Feed The Chickens 
After Breakfast, With His "Best Friend" Meg

Genie-Mac Was Sadly Left Behind!

Transporting And Piling Up The Leaves

Our Wild Girl!


sarah in the woods said...

I love the door and wall. We don't see that sort of thing around here.

Jessi said...

Looks beautiful there! Right now I would love to live in the country in Ireland, far away from this mess that is the united states. But I know Ireland has it's problems too. Enjoy the fall!

1HappyWife said...

Look at those carrots!!! Just beautiful. We have never had much success with carrots.
I am with Dylan on mushrooms ... not my favorite, therefore I was shocked when Jonathan told me he loves mushrooms! We had been given some a couple years ago and that must have been where he acquired his taste from :). Dylan does look like he is having a great time raking leaves ... I LOVE fall pictures :). Meg looks adorable with her mushroom! MMMM steak ... I am soooo hungry after reading your post :) thankfully it is almost dinner time. I can't wait to see what you do for Dylan's birthday!!! I totally agree that I am not sure who has more fun on birthdays :)!!! Tell Amy thank you from Hannah ... she was so happy to get a letter today.
I love that door, it just looks so neat. The pictures of Dylan and Meg together are just too sweet :).
Have a blessed evening and I look forward to the pregnancy post :). We are so excited that the Lord has blessed you with this little one. Praying for you!

Nicole Pelkey said...

Loved reading your update! The harvest looks plentiful and beaituful :) What a blessing to have home raised and home grown food!!! I'm excited to see Dylans birthday celebration!
Meg is so cute.
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stone wall and door...that is gorgeous. I think I would be taking pictures there ALL THE TIME.... don't see that kind of thing anywhere around here! Gorgeous!
Glad things are going well for you, friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Those mushrooms look so yummy!!! :) I LOVE the pictures of Dylan and Meg going to feed the chickens together. Meg's little dress is so sweet in that last picture. :) Have you received any mail from us lately?? I would LOVE a baby update post too!!!

Kerri said...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel a bit better! Your pictures are so beautiful with the green grass and the Fall leaves and then that rock wall with the brick doorway and beautiful door! How picturesque! My 13 yr. old son has been saying frequently that we need to move to Ireland because of all the nonsense going on recently with our government. He thinks Ireland would be the perfect place to live!:o) After seeing these beautiful pictures he just may be right! Blessings!

Mrs. Josie said...

Wow, those carrots and mushrooms look good ! I too love the wall and door. So beautiful. Your babies are getting so big. :)