Monday, October 7, 2013

Much Study...

"And further, by these, my son,
 be admonished: of making many books
 there is no end; and much study is
 a weariness of the flesh."
~ Ecclesiates 12:12


1HappyWife said...

LOL!!!! Keep up the good work Amy :)!!! A merry heart goes a loooong way in studying :). It is funny to see our History book on your table.

Your recent trip looked so neat! Thanks for sharing it with us, we enjoyed the travel from the comforts of our office :).

Sarah in Ireland said...

Indeed it does, 1HappyWife! :)

We have LOVED using this history book. Even though Amy was is finishing up on her grade 8 work, we bought the grade 7 history book for her that year, because the grade 8 book was about America only, and we wanted something on world history.

Glad you liked coming to Belfast with us! We have enjoyed reading through the posts you guys put up yesterday. :)