Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Trip To Belfast ~ Titanic Centre, Zoo And Home!

For the next stop on our first full day in Belfast, we visited the Titanic Centre.  I think this attraction was, by far, my favourite.  I think most everyone else in our family LOVED it too!  The centre itself was very elaborate and "touristy" which I actually liked, as we don't get much of that in the South. 

This Part Of The Mountain, Is Known As "Napoleon's Nose"

One of the highlights of this visit was the "Shipyard" ride.  This involved us taking a ride in a mechanical, cable car, type vehicle and hearing/seeing different aspects of the building/launch/sinking of the Titanic.  It was education and fun, Meg loved it, although she thought it was too loud at times!  At the end of our tour, we watched a video of the wreck, as it lies on the seabed.  The video was played in a movie theatre room, it was very interesting.  Whether or not you believe it is the actual Titanic that lies on the seabed, the fact remains that people still tragically lost their lives. 

Dylan Doing The "Morse Code" Interactive Game

Even This Floor Was Interactive!

After our tour, my husband kindly treated all of us to souvenirs from the gift shop, which probably cost him more than our admission!  After that, we visited the cafe and enjoyed some tea and a light snack (this expectant mama was HUNGRY!), before calling for a taxi and heading back to our apartment. 

A Bird's Eye View...The Atrium

Next Stop...Belfast Zoo!


On our second full day in Belfast, we visited the city zoo.  The zoo was located in the hills and mountains that surrounded some of the city centre.  When we arrived, there was still a lovely morning mist that covered most of the mountain; it was so pretty.  The kids loved looking at the different animals and learning about them.   Unfortunately, being 8 weeks pregnant at this stage on our holiday, I was feeling pretty nauseous.  So I didn't take many pictures at all on this day. :(

One of my favourite things about our holiday, was that we ate out for almost every meal, except breakfast!  We ate some of the NICEST food whilst in Belfast!  However, after our long day at the zoo, I asked my husband could we eat in instead, as I was SO tired and sick.  Being the lovely guy that he is, we ordered pizza!  It was very good, but the kids thought it still wasn't quite as nice as our homemade pizza. :) 

Meg's Streeeeeeeeetchy Mr Frog!


Dylan Enjoying The Mechanically Reclining Seats In First-Class!

The morning of our fourth day in Belfast had arrived, and so we needed to pack up our things quickly and make our way home.  We were VERY thankful that on the way home we were upgraded to the first class train carriage.  It was very cool!  We were all tickled with the extra perks!  I'm sure we stood out quite a bit, with all our "oohing and awwing".  Dylan especially LOVED the mechanical seats! He spent a good fifteen minutes going up and down, up and down, and up and down!  Then he laughed so hard when he did it to my seat whilst I was sleeping; talk about a dramatic wake-up!  Eventually we arrived home and we whilst we had, had a GREAT time in Belfast it was SO GOOD to be home!


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