Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dylan's 6th Birthday!

On the 31st of October, Dylan celebrated his SIXTH birthday!  I cannot believe that my "baby" boy is SIX years old!  Before we sat down to breakfast, Dylan opened each of his birthday cards and gifts - he was certainly a very blessed boy. 

"Behold now behemoth..."

Typical Meg!

Meg Had A FUN Time Saying "Happy Dur-Dee!"
...ALL Day Long!

Thoughtful Cards, From Lovely Friends And Family

Dylan's Gift From Amy; A Dinosaur Excavation Kit!

As a tradition in our home, the birthday child gets to pick out a breakfast of their own choosing.  Dylan picked out the following:

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Vanilla Yoghurt
Maple Syrup

We all enjoyed Dylan's birthday breakfast VERY MUCH!  It was delicious, though I will confess to buying packs of pancakes, rather than standing at the stove for an hour with one frying pan!

A Happy, Birthday Boy, With His Requested Breakfast

This Crew Are A Daily Feature In Our Garden These Days!

Next, we got ourselves ready for the day and did the morning chores.  Then we began to construct Dylan's Playmobil farm set - it was a LONG process, but the instructions were very "instructive" and that helped a lot!  For Dylan's birthday lunch, my husband thought it would be nice to go out to eat at our favourite cafe/restaurant in town.  The food there is always so GOOD, and they certainly didn't disappoint that day! 

Playing With Playmobil,
 While Mama Worked Out How To Put The Rest Together!

This Is Dylan's Favourite Part Of The Playmobil Farm

When we arrived home again, we popped Meg down for her nap and continued to finish the construction of the Playmobil.  As soon as that was done, it was time to get ready for our guests and the birthday dinner.  Most of what we were serving had already been prepared the night before, and so there wasn't a whole lot left to do.  The birthday menu consisted of:

For The Carnivores:

Mackerel Mix Sandwiches
Baked Cajun Chicken

For The Herbivores:
Green Salad
Garlic and Cucumber Dip
Carrot, Pepper and Cucumber Dippers
Kettle Chips

For The Sweet-Tooth Types:

Birthday Cake
Puppy Chow Cookies (made by Amy)

A Gift From Nanny and Grandad

MORE Playmobil...Hooray!

Dinner With Nanny, Grandad and Uncle Tom

We Took Turns Writing Things
 We LOVE About Dylan On The Board

By bedtime, all the kids were tired out from all the fun, especially Dylan!  He said that this birthday was the best birthday EVER and was his favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE!   I love that we can show our children, just how very special they are, both as an individual, and also as part of our family, by helping to make their birthdays memorable and special.  Large amounts of money need not be spent, but a little extra effort and consideration for their likes and preferences, helps us to show that we appreciate and LOVE them!

Get Ready And...BLOW!

The Dino Excavation Set

Looks Like Paleontologist, Dr. Dylan, Has Found A Spine!


We LOVED That The Set Even Included A Few Cow Poops!

My Honey And The Littles, Playing, And Having Lots of FUN!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!!! My Silas would sure LOVE to play farm with you!!

Zsuzsanna said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Our kids are absolutely crazy about Playmobil, too. We have SO much of it, but they play with it all. the. time.

Nicole Pelkey said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!!! Looks like a WONDERFUL day with family and so much fun! We are playmobil fans here too! Great set you got!!

1HappyWife said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!!!
Looks and sounds like an absolutely wonderful day :)!!I love all the pictures and LOVE your white board messages.

Thank you for sharing your day with us! Jonathan is going to love seeing the sheep when he wakes up :).

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! :)

1HappyWife ~ Those sheep are not Dylan's. They belong to a neighbouring farmer. Since he doesn't tend his fence line very well, most days for about 4 weeks, we had between 2 and 9 sheep eating our plants and lawn! Sadly they ate all the green tops of my turnips!

Thankfully he has now fixed the fencing properly and the sheep are gone! :)