Friday, November 15, 2013

Dylan's Eggs

For quite a while now, Dylan has run his own egg business.  Mostly he just supplies our family with as many eggs as we need, but he does sell two or three boxes every week too.  Currently, Dylan has seven hens; he did have a rooster also, but he died of old age just a few months ago.  Anyone who knows Dylan personally, will tell you he LOVES his chickens!  The feeling is quite mutual too!  They allow him to carry them about the place and check them over, even sometimes picking them up and giving "goodnight kisses" to each and every one of them!  On the odd occasion, he can be overheard singing hymns to his dear old girls, and generally just trying to make life as pleasant for them as he possibly can.  

Dylan does all the care necessary for the chickens by himself and come rain or shine he is out first thing after breakfast to feed, water and check on the hens.  Though Daddy does help when it is time to clean them out.  Now that Miss Meg is able to follow directions well, she too often goes out with Dylan in the morning.  She LOVES the "bop-bops" (I guess she calls them that, by the name they make?) and Dylan will sometimes pick them up and hold them for her to pet.  They love washing and packing the eggs together at the moment also, and this day I though they made such a cute team, that I had to snap a few pictures!

All Clean

Never Were Such Great Pains Taken!

The Egg Team (Still In Jammies!) Working Nicely Together

No "Standard" Sizes Here! 


Kirsty said...

What a cute video! How lovely for your children to be brought up on a farm. Hope the pregnancy is going well x

Nikki said...

Loved hearing their voices. I remember when Salinn was little she said that she was going to sell her eggs and buy more chickens with the money she made. She did too! Later the chickens were passed down to another child who needed the job and it is so neat to see them be responsible like that. Silas goes out each morning to feed our calves. I love it! Keep up the great work Dylan and Meg!