Monday, November 18, 2013

School With Meg

Miss Meg LOVES To Do School

Usually, Every Inch Of Paper Gets Coloured

"No Pictures Please!"

Lots Of Tiny Cirlces Are Her New Favourite Things To Draw

Dylan Working On English

Yikes!  Farmer Boy Fingernails!

Amy Studying Hard

Dylan Working On A Craft, To Give As A Gift Next Month

Meg's Autumn Craft

She LOVES Using Her Very Own Glue Stick!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Meg ( well all of them actually! ):) Yesterday at church both Leah and Mercy had matching barrettes from Ireland. We thought it was so neat. Grace A. was surprised that the same lady from Ireland made them. What a small world?? !!!

sarah in the woods said...

Ha ha - the fingernails! My 6yo son's fingernails always look like that and I tend to not notice until we go somewhere and I don't have any clippers with me!