Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Storytime With Miss Meg

Miss Meg "Reading" To Her Teddy 

I trust that you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas season (if you choose to celebrate)!  Life has been *VERY* busy here lately...all fun things of course!  I have lots of pictures to post from the last few weeks, but as usual Blogger is v.e.r.y slow at loading them, and so I'll have new posts up just as soon as I can! 

Hope You're All Having A Great Week In The LORD!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cholesterol Wars

 Approximately one out of every five people are taking some form of anti-cholesterol drug (or statin).  This is staggering.  Once we rid ourselves of pre-conceived ideas fed to us by the media, and really look into this issue for ourselves, we learn that cholesterol is absolutely VITAL for good health.  Anti-cholesterol drugs "statins", will harm ones health in dramatic ways.

Just recently, the farming newspaper my husband receives had a full page spread, educating the rural masses on the "dangers of cholesterol" and various way to reduce cholesterol.  Of course this article ran the usual (bad) advice of avoiding butter, animal fats...etc.  Then went on to advise having cholesterol levels checked at your doctors, and perhaps beginning statin "therapy".  Ugh, of course the article was sponsored by Flora Pro-Activ!

We know first hand of loved ones whose health has dramatically declined since beginning statin treatment.  Muscular pain, sleeplessness, brain confusion (fog) and forgetfulness are the symptoms that are most commonly described or noticed.  Even though those on statins are certain that they are experiencing side-effects of these anti-cholesterol drugs, they are terrified to discontinue use, due to well chosen words from their doctors.   It is heartbreaking to see a loved ones health declining due to a dangerous medication, prescribed by a "health professional".  Check it out for yourself, and be forearmed before your doctor tries to spin the "your cholesterol is quite high, you really need to be on..." one on you!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Tis The Season To Be In The Kitchen!

The Littles And I Made "Peppermint Bark" One Afternoon

We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately!  Not that I'm complaining mind...only it would be nice we owned a "self-cleaning" room!  We have made quite a lot of healthy dishes, which hopefully balances out the fact that we've also made MANY goodies too!   Here are some snaps of our cooking adventures...

This Girl Enjoyed Eating Pieces Of Chocloate
 When Mama Wasn't Looking!

Peppermint-y Goodness!

Sampling...Y'Know To Make Sure They're Not Poisoned!

Meg Was *VERY* Concerned About Her Messy Hands,
 And Wanted Me To Take A Picture

Amy Kindly Made Daddy And I, French Toast For Breakfast

Dylan Sieving Our Kefir

Ever Since Kind Friends Gave Us Some Kefir Grains Last Week,
We've Been Making The Most Delicious Smoothies With It!
Banana And Vanilla Seems To The Favourite!

Oreo Truffles - Decorated By Meg

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Funny Kid'isms

Amy:  "Would you and Dad ever consider adopting?"
Me: "Perhaps one day.  You never know!"
Dylan: "Cool!  Will you adopt me?"


Meg: *Passes wind VERY loudly, and then LAUGHS*
Me: "Miss Meg was that you?!??"
Meg: "No, was Daddy!"


Playing with Stickle-bricks, shortly before bedtime. Dylan finds a "ring" shaped one, and directs the following at Meg...

Dylan: "Hello young lady. Will you marry me?"
Meg: *silence*
Dylan: "I SAID, "Hello young lady. Will you marry me?"
Meg: "No!"
Dylan: "You horrible woman, you're not supposed to say no!"

These Kids Are A Riot!

Seasonal Sermon On Materialism

What is it with this time of year, that makes everyone go crazy for "stuff"?!??  My husband and I watched this sermon about this time last year, and thought it was obviously an appropriate time of year to share it.  We ALL must be careful of this "evil disease", especially at Christmas time!  As Christians, it is important to know that God abundantly provides for our needs...and if He didn't give it to you, you mustn't need it!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meg's New Toy...

Can You Guess What It Is?

If You Guessed A Shower Scrubbie, You Would Be Right!

Just last week, I bought a new shower scrubbie, because our old one needed replacing.  When I got it home from the supermarket, Meg took it off the counter, announced it's name to be "Baby Blue" and has ever since toted it around like any other "toy".  It even came to church with us today!  Funny girl!

...And yes, I had to buy another one to actually go in the shower! ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Irish Thanksgiving And New Family Pictures

Handsome Boy!

Miss Meg Was Totally *NOT* Into Posing For Photographs,
And So She Was Bribed With A Cookie!


This Young Lady Is Growing Up Way Too Fast!

Laughing At Nanny, Our Photographer

"Nanny, You're SO Funny!"

This Is The Picture We Liked The Best, Except...
My RED Cheeks Are A Result Of The Pregnancy "Glow" 
And The Fact That I Had Just Left A Hot Kitchen, 
After Being In There For Hours!  :)

Our Pastor's Wife Kindly Gave Us This Craft To Bring Home

This Girl LOVES Gluing!

I Think Dylan Actually Got More Glue On The Table,
 Than On His Craft!

Thanksgiving Wordsearches

My Hubby Doing His... :)

Handsome Hubby Carving The Chicken...
We Had A Large Chicken, Rather Than The Traditional Turkey

It Was SO Delicious

A True Irish Savage!

I Bought A Sparkling Grape Juice To Have With Our Meal,
Particularly As It Had A Cork Top!

Our Kids Nearly Died With Anticipation Of The "Pop!"

The Aftermath

The Evening Was Spent Relaxing,
 Until Daddy Needed To Leave For Grannies House