Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Irish Thanksgiving And New Family Pictures

Handsome Boy!

Miss Meg Was Totally *NOT* Into Posing For Photographs,
And So She Was Bribed With A Cookie!


This Young Lady Is Growing Up Way Too Fast!

Laughing At Nanny, Our Photographer

"Nanny, You're SO Funny!"

This Is The Picture We Liked The Best, Except...
My RED Cheeks Are A Result Of The Pregnancy "Glow" 
And The Fact That I Had Just Left A Hot Kitchen, 
After Being In There For Hours!  :)

Our Pastor's Wife Kindly Gave Us This Craft To Bring Home

This Girl LOVES Gluing!

I Think Dylan Actually Got More Glue On The Table,
 Than On His Craft!

Thanksgiving Wordsearches

My Hubby Doing His... :)

Handsome Hubby Carving The Chicken...
We Had A Large Chicken, Rather Than The Traditional Turkey

It Was SO Delicious

A True Irish Savage!

I Bought A Sparkling Grape Juice To Have With Our Meal,
Particularly As It Had A Cork Top!

Our Kids Nearly Died With Anticipation Of The "Pop!"

The Aftermath

The Evening Was Spent Relaxing,
 Until Daddy Needed To Leave For Grannies House


Nikki said...

LOVED this post. I think your family one turned out perfect and you look great carrying your sweet baby! :) You all must be soooo excited. I find I am often thinking of you and that sweet little one you are growing. These are PRECIOUS days my friend.

Anonymous said...

If I may ask, what prompted you to celebrate Thanksgiving? It is a decidedly North American holiday, so what made it of interest to you all in Ireland?

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki ~ Indeed they are! Thank you. :)

Anonymous ~ This was our second year celebrating Thanksgiving as a family. Our eldest daughter was the one who actually approached us about wanting to "do" Thanksgiving a few years ago, and we thought it was a GREAT idea! We have begun to celebrate it, because we wanted to have a day in which we give thanks to God for His provision, blessing and mercy throughout the year. Plus, we thought it would be FUN! :)

1HappyWife said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your meal looked delicious and your pictures are GREAT!!! You look beautiful with your rosy cheeks. Your captions for some had me laughing :).
I LOVE Thanksgiving!!! I desire to be full of thanksgiving all year long. God is so GOOD!!!

Your foot spa looks like fun and it reminded me that I have not done that for my hubby in years ... at least a dozen :(. I really need to find my foot tub and do it for his tired feet again. Thanks for sharing. I love to read here :).