Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cholesterol Wars

 Approximately one out of every five people are taking some form of anti-cholesterol drug (or statin).  This is staggering.  Once we rid ourselves of pre-conceived ideas fed to us by the media, and really look into this issue for ourselves, we learn that cholesterol is absolutely VITAL for good health.  Anti-cholesterol drugs "statins", will harm ones health in dramatic ways.

Just recently, the farming newspaper my husband receives had a full page spread, educating the rural masses on the "dangers of cholesterol" and various way to reduce cholesterol.  Of course this article ran the usual (bad) advice of avoiding butter, animal fats...etc.  Then went on to advise having cholesterol levels checked at your doctors, and perhaps beginning statin "therapy".  Ugh, of course the article was sponsored by Flora Pro-Activ!

We know first hand of loved ones whose health has dramatically declined since beginning statin treatment.  Muscular pain, sleeplessness, brain confusion (fog) and forgetfulness are the symptoms that are most commonly described or noticed.  Even though those on statins are certain that they are experiencing side-effects of these anti-cholesterol drugs, they are terrified to discontinue use, due to well chosen words from their doctors.   It is heartbreaking to see a loved ones health declining due to a dangerous medication, prescribed by a "health professional".  Check it out for yourself, and be forearmed before your doctor tries to spin the "your cholesterol is quite high, you really need to be on..." one on you!


Diana said...

Thank you for the information. I have been "diagnosed" with high cholesterol for a few years now (264 being my highest). I am 5' and 120lbs so my problem is not overweight, I also eat a diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with very little red meat. I have been very resistant to taking any kinds of medication for this as my good cholesterol level is the highest. My thought is that I would rather have the cholesterol than the side effects that go along with the "medication". After my highest level, I went back 3 months later for more blood work and had dropped 30 points. When the nurse told me to keep up the good work I had to chuckle to myself (I hadn't changed anything in my diet or lifestyle).

chwtoy said...

my husbands diet was horrible (he chose to eat out at work for lunch every day.) His blood pressure and cholesterol were horrible. He changed his diet at work (more fruits, lean meat/fish, and vegetables, yogurt, etc) He never did take any medications. He told his Dr that he would rather try changing his diet first. The Dr was skeptical but my husband did it. His cholesterol and BP have gone down....his waistline has also improved... and more importantly, he feels better.