Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Tis The Season To Be In The Kitchen!

The Littles And I Made "Peppermint Bark" One Afternoon

We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately!  Not that I'm complaining mind...only it would be nice we owned a "self-cleaning" room!  We have made quite a lot of healthy dishes, which hopefully balances out the fact that we've also made MANY goodies too!   Here are some snaps of our cooking adventures...

This Girl Enjoyed Eating Pieces Of Chocloate
 When Mama Wasn't Looking!

Peppermint-y Goodness!

Sampling...Y'Know To Make Sure They're Not Poisoned!

Meg Was *VERY* Concerned About Her Messy Hands,
 And Wanted Me To Take A Picture

Amy Kindly Made Daddy And I, French Toast For Breakfast

Dylan Sieving Our Kefir

Ever Since Kind Friends Gave Us Some Kefir Grains Last Week,
We've Been Making The Most Delicious Smoothies With It!
Banana And Vanilla Seems To The Favourite!

Oreo Truffles - Decorated By Meg


1HappyWife said...

Oh, peppermint bark!!! I should not have read this post ... I'll be thinking of it aaaallll night. I LOVE peppermint :).
Such sweet memories made in the kitchen. Love your pictures of your happy helpers.

Yes, Dylan we know that making sure they are "safe" is the most important part :).

Anonymous said...

Those all look delicious!!! :) I could not pick a favorite. I killed our Kefir grains BUT really need to get some more! :) Guess they would not survive the trip if I asked you to mail me some?? :)