Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life Lately

Dylan Working On Math, Whilst Amy Practices Her Violin

I just wanted to pop in with a mish-mash post on what has been happening in life lately.  With so much going on, I find that by the time I get a spare minute to blog, I've already forgotten about half of things I wanted to mention or fill you in on!  I could blame it on having "baby-brain"...but I'm like this all the time, so I'll just press on...


I Have To Laugh When People Say They Couldn't Homeschool,
Because There Are Too Many Distractions At Their House!

  • About a month ago, we had an awful scare with our cat!  One morning we were due to leave the house to go visiting, when Amy found that our cat was acting strangely.  Normally our cat is a strictly outdoor cat (on account of her fondness for urinating on any bed except Amy's!).  However, Amy was so concerned that she brought her inside.  Once up close my husband spotted, or rather felt, that she had her whole front arm caught up and through her collar!  Poor kitty had a wound of sorts and it was weeping and had matted to her fur! :(  After we had cut away as much of the offending collar as we could, without hurting her more, my husband and all the kids took the cat, to the local vet and he removed the rest and gave her an antibiotic shot and a painkiller.  Thankfully, within a day or so, Genie-Mac was back to her usual rascally self and terrorizing the birds, sans collar and warning BELL!

Genie-Mac, Happy And Healthy Again!

  • I was tickled to find out that there is an "Above Rubies Family Conference" coming up, here in the Republic of Ireland!  As far as I'm aware, this is the first time that there has been an Above Rubies event held in the South, and considering  that the location is only about one hour from our home, we are excited that, Lord willing, our family can attend!  At that time I will be only two weeks away from my due date, but we will still hope to attend, providing that little Abigail doesn't make an early appearance that is!

  • Recently, the sewing bug has stricken me again!  I haven't sewn in quite a while, so I was glad to get back at it.  Firstly, I made Meg a plain red cotton skirt (just a basic, elasticated waist type), to go with a pretty t-shirt she has.  Next, I decided to have a go at a 3-tiered skirt, the instructions for which I spotted on Pinterest some time ago.  I had some pretty fabric left over from a dress I made for Meg last year, so I thought I would use that.  I also used the same fabric throughout, rather than alternate, and that way if I made huge mistakes, they mightn't be as noticeable!  It was easier than I thought and looks super cute on Meg...though the scamp would *not* let me get a nice picture of her in it!

Amy Took This Interesting Photograph One Morning

  • School is going well and everyone is working hard.  We'll be taking a two week (approx) holiday after Abigail is born, as to alleviate my responsibilities whilst recovering, and also so we can ENJOY our newest family member!  Last week we removed all the work/posters/pictures from our school board, in order to choose a new theme (more to come on that) and clear the space for new work to be displayed.  It is not my favourite job to do...but once it is done I'll be glad we did it I'm sure.  We are keeping up our "Christian Friends From Around The World" section though, as all the lovely letters, postcards and pictures we receive from other believers worldwide, are too important to us to take down! 

Dylan Taking "Selfies"!

Funny Boy!

I Hope You're All Having A GREAT Week In The Lord!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

30 Weeks And Blooming!


It seems like a LONG time since I posted a pregnancy update!  ...Most likely because it *has* been a LONG time since I posted a pregnancy update!  We have been super busy here lately, with caring for the sick ones (who are thankfully back to full health!), post Christmas cleaning/organising, getting back to school and a normal schedule. 

Baby:   Abigail is *very* strong now and is still very active, so I get to enjoy feeling her wriggle about and watch my belly dance!  At this stage, I feel that she is probably laying diagonally, but I know that there is still plenty of time for her to shift around.  I am due to have another appointment with my midwife, in just over a weeks time, but we may have to reschedule that appointment until a later date...so we shall have to wait and see on that.

Me: I have had high energy throughout most of this pregnancy so far, which has been a HUGE blessing.  At Christmas time however, my energy really began to dip, and I originally thought it was just normal pregnancy fatigue, associated with being in the third trimester.  Though eventually, I noticed that my lack of energy coincided with me running out of FCLO.  Since I have been back on my capsules, my energy has shot right back up!  Though expensive, FCLO really is worth it's weight in gold!  It is nice to be able to drag myself out of bed in the morning *before* the kids, and therefore have a head-start on our busy days! :)

At this stage I am getting ever larger, heavier and clumsier - though I do LOVE my BIG baby belly and am very thankful to have been blessed with this little one!  I am having to try and get my feet up whenever I get a spare moment during the day (hahahahahaha!!!), so as to alleviate any fluid retention and varicose veins.  I'm finding that applying witch hazel topically to the latter, does offer some relief, particularly when applied before bed.

My Photographer And I Were Feeling A Little Silly! :)

The Rest Of The Crew:  All the kids are very excited to meet their new sister.  Meg is currently loving to put her "baby" in the moses basket (bassinette), baby bath, bouncy seat...etc.  Our whole family is super-excited for the impending arrival and simply cannot wait to meet our Abigail!!!

Birthing Plans: I have been hoping to have a home-birth for this delivery...but after much effort on our part, it seems that it is unlikely (though still a small possibility) to happen.  The Irish Health Service has made opting for a home-birth near on impossible and employing our own midwife would be equally so.  I am a little disappointed about this, but have the peace and contentment that God's will, will be done.  If our HB doesn't plan out, then I will be delivering with our midwife team in our local hospital, which is a service provided for low-risk ladies.  All my care and delivery will be overseen by midwives only, and the usual discharge time post-delivery is 6-12 hours.  I have delivered my last two babies under this service, and have had a mostly pleasant experience.

Prepping:  I did get quite a shock a few days ago, when I realised that we only have TEN weeks of the pregnancy left!  I decided that I had better start to get some things organised and prepared for our sweet little girl.  I have since washed through any baby clothing that we will be re-using (this process was lengthened considerably by my "oohing and awwing" over every onesie, dress and cardigan!), and finding/bigger items like the baby bath and moses basket...etc.  I still have quite a bit to do, but I'm getting there and enjoying the process in the meantime! :)

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made: marvellous are
thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
~ Psalm 139:14

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"A-B-C Say It With Me" - Giveaway Win!

An Exciting Package Arrived All The Way From Vermont, USA!

A few weeks ago our family entered a give-away to win a Bible memory disc for children, produced by Moore Family Films.  The disc features one KJV Bible verse, for each letter of the alphabet.  I checked out some of the clips before entering, and thought the disc sounded GREAT.  Plus, I really liked the wholesome, family-oriented sketches/clips that were used.

...So imagine how excited we were to find out that we had won a copy! 

Now that we have watched the disc, many times over, we can safely state that our family LOVE it!  As a mother, I have loved to hear my little kids encouraging each other this week, to be kind, obedient, cheerful...etc, using the verses they are learning!  :)

Meg Was *VERY* Excited -
"Please Open It Mama, Please Open It!!!"


Dylan Has Done Very Well At Memorizing Some Of The Verses

Meg Loves The Animal Clips The Best

Thank You To "1HappyWife" At 
"Our Little Corner" For An AWESOME Give-Away!!!


I have not been asked to review this DVD, and did so, simply to share a GREAT resource with other families! :)

The only caution about this DVD that I would add, is this: the gospel that is presented at the end of this DVD, states that one must turn from sins, in order to be saved.  As Bible believers we do not believe this to be correct and would therefore encourage caution in this area.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meg's 3rd Birthday!

A "Horsie" Theme!

Meg's Birthday Gift (A Train Set) 
Was Exciting For Dylan Too!

"Hmmm, These Packages Can Be Tricky To Open"

"Perhaps If I Pull From Here"

A Little Help

Amy And Scruffy Watching The Fun!

A Train Jigsaw Set

Putting A Few Pieces Together Before Breakfast

Chocolate-y Breakfast Goodness

Sweet Treats For The Birthday Breakfast

For Meg's birthday lunch, my husband took the whole family out to the Bagel Factory.  We had a GREAT time and the food was very nice too - Meg LOVES bagels!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures throughout the afternoon. :(  Once we were back from town, Meg had her nap, whilst the rest of us did chores and prepared dinner...Dylan enjoyed some quiet playtime with Meg's train-set before she got up!


Happy Girl!

Pretty Pony!

Even Though They Love Playing Together,
Dylan Made The Most Of Meg's Naptimes For The Next Few Days,
So That He Could Make Taller, More Elaborate Circuits!

Jigsaws With Mama

Can It Be Possible That This Sweet Little Girl 
Joined Our Family Just Three Years Ago?

Happy 3rd Birthday Meg - We LOVE You!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas Morning Was So FUN!

A Scooter For Dylan

I *Finally* Completed Amy's Quilt!

Walkie-Talkies (2-Way Radios) - Dylan Didn't Know 
What They Were At First I LOVE His 
Puzzled Look In This Picture!

Something For My Honey

A New Multi-Tool
And Meg, Being.......Meg!

Dylan Gifted Amy With This Bonsai Tree

Amy Kindly Gave Me This Cast-Iron Mincer!
Thank you Amy!

New Audio Adventures!

Miss Meg Cooking On Her New Stove

Amy's New Coat
It Looks So Nice On Her!

Nanny And Meg Cooking Together

They Had LOTS Of Fun!

*Shake, Shake, Shake*

Smells Good!

My Dinner!

Daddy And Dylan Decided To Play Work With The New Mincer!

First Some Bread, A Carrot, Then a Potato...

A Stick Of Celery...

Dylan, Really Giving It His All!


Bible And Hymn Time!

I LOVE To Hear Them Sing!

Meg Covering Her Ears
...We Didn't Sound *That* Bad, Surely?!??

More Playing, Reading And FUN!

Dylan Was SO HAPPY To Be Allowed To Ride His Scooter
 In The House!  ...One Of The Benefits Of Having Plenty Of Space
 And Hard Floors!


The Next Day...

We Constructed The Sand Digger

Meg's Turn...

Waiting Patiently

The Little Kids Received "Magic" Facecloths too


I LOVE Those Rosy Cheeks!

You Can't Miss The Huge
 Yellow-Green Bruise On Meg's Forehead!
She And Another Little Girl Ran Into One Another At Church!

Wholesome Illustrations To Colour

Taking Such Great Care

You're NEVER Too Old To Colour!

As Proven Here...This Is Mine! :)

We Hope You All Had A Lovely CHRISTmas Time!