Saturday, January 18, 2014

30 Weeks And Blooming!


It seems like a LONG time since I posted a pregnancy update!  ...Most likely because it *has* been a LONG time since I posted a pregnancy update!  We have been super busy here lately, with caring for the sick ones (who are thankfully back to full health!), post Christmas cleaning/organising, getting back to school and a normal schedule. 

Baby:   Abigail is *very* strong now and is still very active, so I get to enjoy feeling her wriggle about and watch my belly dance!  At this stage, I feel that she is probably laying diagonally, but I know that there is still plenty of time for her to shift around.  I am due to have another appointment with my midwife, in just over a weeks time, but we may have to reschedule that appointment until a later we shall have to wait and see on that.

Me: I have had high energy throughout most of this pregnancy so far, which has been a HUGE blessing.  At Christmas time however, my energy really began to dip, and I originally thought it was just normal pregnancy fatigue, associated with being in the third trimester.  Though eventually, I noticed that my lack of energy coincided with me running out of FCLO.  Since I have been back on my capsules, my energy has shot right back up!  Though expensive, FCLO really is worth it's weight in gold!  It is nice to be able to drag myself out of bed in the morning *before* the kids, and therefore have a head-start on our busy days! :)

At this stage I am getting ever larger, heavier and clumsier - though I do LOVE my BIG baby belly and am very thankful to have been blessed with this little one!  I am having to try and get my feet up whenever I get a spare moment during the day (hahahahahaha!!!), so as to alleviate any fluid retention and varicose veins.  I'm finding that applying witch hazel topically to the latter, does offer some relief, particularly when applied before bed.

My Photographer And I Were Feeling A Little Silly! :)

The Rest Of The Crew:  All the kids are very excited to meet their new sister.  Meg is currently loving to put her "baby" in the moses basket (bassinette), baby bath, bouncy seat...etc.  Our whole family is super-excited for the impending arrival and simply cannot wait to meet our Abigail!!!

Birthing Plans: I have been hoping to have a home-birth for this delivery...but after much effort on our part, it seems that it is unlikely (though still a small possibility) to happen.  The Irish Health Service has made opting for a home-birth near on impossible and employing our own midwife would be equally so.  I am a little disappointed about this, but have the peace and contentment that God's will, will be done.  If our HB doesn't plan out, then I will be delivering with our midwife team in our local hospital, which is a service provided for low-risk ladies.  All my care and delivery will be overseen by midwives only, and the usual discharge time post-delivery is 6-12 hours.  I have delivered my last two babies under this service, and have had a mostly pleasant experience.

Prepping:  I did get quite a shock a few days ago, when I realised that we only have TEN weeks of the pregnancy left!  I decided that I had better start to get some things organised and prepared for our sweet little girl.  I have since washed through any baby clothing that we will be re-using (this process was lengthened considerably by my "oohing and awwing" over every onesie, dress and cardigan!), and finding/bigger items like the baby bath and moses basket...etc.  I still have quite a bit to do, but I'm getting there and enjoying the process in the meantime! :)

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made: marvellous are
thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
~ Psalm 139:14


Diana J. said...

You look awesome! So excited to see your new wee one in just a short few weeks! Love the name, too!

I'm so sorry to hear that homebirth is hard to obtain in Ireland - I hadn't heard that. Right now it's pretty easy to obtain in Arizona, though it varies greatly through the different states in the U.S. Some areas it's easy, some places it's nearly impossible. I will be thrilled if something comes up to make that possible for you, but I will pray for a great hospital birth if not.

Thanks for updating us!

Nikki said...

You ARE beautiful Sarah. Loved your pregnancy update. You will be holding sweet Abigail very soon. Can hardly wait till she is here. I always think the last weeks preparing for baby are some of the best. As for where you birth, though Joshua's birth did not go as I would have chosen it I would not have wanted to "write" it any other way. Blessings sweet friend!

Nora L said...

Hi SArah
you look lovely .
Abigail is a lovely name for a little girl.
It's interesting how home -births are harder to arrange in some counties here in Ireland,because in cork there is a fully established community midwife service in place here is a list of practicing community midwives in Ireland. Though you probably have seen this before.In Cork there is no problem arranging a home-birth bar VBAC or multiple pregnancy of course (unfortunately)and women considered high risk.Though i did see on that list a midwife in Wicklow would that be near enough to you ,also just on the off chance that it might work out for you would contacting the co-ordinators of home-births in cork help Jo Delaney and Siobhan Sweeney are the 2 women to chat to.
For midwives working with the Home Birth Scheme of the Southern area of the HSE, the Co-ordinator is Jo Delaney. Tel: 021 492 3483 / Mobile: 087 288 9499
i do realise Cork is a good few miles from ye but you never know what help you might get if you contact them if you haven't done so already.And even if a home-birth can't be arranged you will enjoy a lovely birth anyway with your husband and little Abigail,birthing the way you choose and lead, in the midwifery led unit.Is there a pool available there for you to use oh and here is a link from the Home from unit in Belfast on active birth that you might find helpful

lots of love
enjoy all your little baby kicks and dances.
nora xxxx

1HappyWife said...

You look so beautiful!!! Oh, I miss being pregnant ... all those sweet little moves, belly to rub and talk too...better stop dreaming and finish my comment. Praying for you and Abigail Joy. I can't wait to read her birth story :). I just love her name ... so sweet and joyful.

GracefulMomto11 said...

So beautiful! Love your baby belly. What is the name of your cod liver oil caps you take? Im 13 weeks with number 12, in my 40s and need more energy. Thanks!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thank you ladies! You are very sweet! :)

Nora ~ Thanks for the info. I have rang *everyone* as far as Dublin and Cork...everyone is fully booked or felt they were too far away. :( I even had a good contact within the HSE, but alas...

GracefulMomTo11 ~ Congratulations!! The FCLO I take, is "Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I normally take the "Oslo Orange" liquid (as do our kids)...but during this pregnany I've switched to the non-fishy capsules. I found the dead fish taste just too hard to handle when pregnant!

GracefulMomto11 said...

Thank you so much Sarah! I think I am going to try some soon.