Thursday, January 16, 2014

"A-B-C Say It With Me" - Giveaway Win!

An Exciting Package Arrived All The Way From Vermont, USA!

A few weeks ago our family entered a give-away to win a Bible memory disc for children, produced by Moore Family Films.  The disc features one KJV Bible verse, for each letter of the alphabet.  I checked out some of the clips before entering, and thought the disc sounded GREAT.  Plus, I really liked the wholesome, family-oriented sketches/clips that were used.

...So imagine how excited we were to find out that we had won a copy! 

Now that we have watched the disc, many times over, we can safely state that our family LOVE it!  As a mother, I have loved to hear my little kids encouraging each other this week, to be kind, obedient, cheerful...etc, using the verses they are learning!  :)

Meg Was *VERY* Excited -
"Please Open It Mama, Please Open It!!!"


Dylan Has Done Very Well At Memorizing Some Of The Verses

Meg Loves The Animal Clips The Best

Thank You To "1HappyWife" At 
"Our Little Corner" For An AWESOME Give-Away!!!


I have not been asked to review this DVD, and did so, simply to share a GREAT resource with other families! :)

The only caution about this DVD that I would add, is this: the gospel that is presented at the end of this DVD, states that one must turn from sins, in order to be saved.  As Bible believers we do not believe this to be correct and would therefore encourage caution in this area.

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1HappyWife said...

Glad you are enjoying! I loved the pictures :).