Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas Morning Was So FUN!

A Scooter For Dylan

I *Finally* Completed Amy's Quilt!

Walkie-Talkies (2-Way Radios) - Dylan Didn't Know 
What They Were At First I LOVE His 
Puzzled Look In This Picture!

Something For My Honey

A New Multi-Tool
And Meg, Being.......Meg!

Dylan Gifted Amy With This Bonsai Tree

Amy Kindly Gave Me This Cast-Iron Mincer!
Thank you Amy!

New Audio Adventures!

Miss Meg Cooking On Her New Stove

Amy's New Coat
It Looks So Nice On Her!

Nanny And Meg Cooking Together

They Had LOTS Of Fun!

*Shake, Shake, Shake*

Smells Good!

My Dinner!

Daddy And Dylan Decided To Play Work With The New Mincer!

First Some Bread, A Carrot, Then a Potato...

A Stick Of Celery...

Dylan, Really Giving It His All!


Bible And Hymn Time!

I LOVE To Hear Them Sing!

Meg Covering Her Ears
...We Didn't Sound *That* Bad, Surely?!??

More Playing, Reading And FUN!

Dylan Was SO HAPPY To Be Allowed To Ride His Scooter
 In The House!  ...One Of The Benefits Of Having Plenty Of Space
 And Hard Floors!


The Next Day...

We Constructed The Sand Digger

Meg's Turn...

Waiting Patiently

The Little Kids Received "Magic" Facecloths too


I LOVE Those Rosy Cheeks!

You Can't Miss The Huge
 Yellow-Green Bruise On Meg's Forehead!
She And Another Little Girl Ran Into One Another At Church!

Wholesome Illustrations To Colour

Taking Such Great Care

You're NEVER Too Old To Colour!

As Proven Here...This Is Mine! :)

We Hope You All Had A Lovely CHRISTmas Time!


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet coloring book. Do you mind my asking where you found it? It looked like everyone had a good time.

Unknown said...

We sure had a wonderful Christmas and it looks like you all did as well! Looks like wonderful gifts were shared by all and all of the pictures are GREAT!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are feeling well ♥

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki, we ordered them online from CBD in the US. I think you can order them direct from NobleRose Press if you do live in the US though. They are lovely and the pages are perforated for easy removal. :)