Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hebrew Roots Movement ~ Part 1 and 2

Our family listened to these sermons a few months ago and enjoyed them very much.  We feel that they are biblically sound and informative; providing truth to those who may be under pressure to get on board with these Christian "trends".  I had meant to share them earlier, but alas, I forgot!  So here they are, better late than never!


Yuri Richardson said...

I'm saddened by your stance.....I have only one question.....did you study to show yourself approved to God in this matter?

Sarah in Ireland said...

Yuri ~ My husband and I ALWAYS base our beliefs on what we read in the Bible, not what our Pastor teaches, nor what is trendy or the "traditions of men".

God, in the New Testament, NEVER tells us to exhalt one heathen nation above another. My husband and I LOVE unbelievers and wish to see them saved, but to us (and we believe to God also), there is no difference between a Jewish unbeliever and an Arab one.

Yuri Richardson said...

Understood. I wish.....with your permission to leave you with this link. If, after prayer you choose not to post it.....OK but only ask that have anotherlook at this. Arkfiles dot net.