Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meg's 3rd Birthday!

A "Horsie" Theme!

Meg's Birthday Gift (A Train Set) 
Was Exciting For Dylan Too!

"Hmmm, These Packages Can Be Tricky To Open"

"Perhaps If I Pull From Here"

A Little Help

Amy And Scruffy Watching The Fun!

A Train Jigsaw Set

Putting A Few Pieces Together Before Breakfast

Chocolate-y Breakfast Goodness

Sweet Treats For The Birthday Breakfast

For Meg's birthday lunch, my husband took the whole family out to the Bagel Factory.  We had a GREAT time and the food was very nice too - Meg LOVES bagels!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures throughout the afternoon. :(  Once we were back from town, Meg had her nap, whilst the rest of us did chores and prepared dinner...Dylan enjoyed some quiet playtime with Meg's train-set before she got up!


Happy Girl!

Pretty Pony!

Even Though They Love Playing Together,
Dylan Made The Most Of Meg's Naptimes For The Next Few Days,
So That He Could Make Taller, More Elaborate Circuits!

Jigsaws With Mama

Can It Be Possible That This Sweet Little Girl 
Joined Our Family Just Three Years Ago?

Happy 3rd Birthday Meg - We LOVE You!


sarah in the woods said...

Happy birthday, Meg! Love the patchwork dress.

Nora L said...

Happy Birthday little Meg.
It is amazing when you see your little ones growing.I'm glad her and Dylan are feeling better after the flu.Thanks for sharing the elder flower drink recipe.
Soon you will have another little baba to snuggle:-)
enjoy ye're birthday celebrations and the remainder of your pregnancy.
nora xxx

Amanda Smith said...

Hello Sarah (and Family)-
I am a brand new reader to your wonderful blog. I found a link to it from another blog that I frequently read (Mrs. Anderson's) two days ago. I have been thoroughly enjoying perusing your writings and pictures of your lovely family! Please tell your beautiful daughter Happy Birthday, and my family and I are praying for God's blessings to continue this next year of her life as she continues to grow!
I have been very interested in starting a blog of my own for some time now, but I must admit I find it very intimidating! Especially when I read writings from ladies like you, and the good pastor's wife (among others) and you are such incredibly talented writers! Although I used to enjoy writing VERY much in my younger years, I'm afraid my "skills" just aren't up to "par" anymore!
However, I am a Christian woman who recently converted from a very "liberal" view of Christianity (how I was raised) to a new "conservative Christianity" by adopting the Independent Fundamental Baptist "way of life" you might say. (A couple examples: I no longer wear pants or allow my daughter to, I stopped watching TV completely, began to read my Bible cover to cover, just to name a FEW of the changes I've been making in my life/beliefs).
I explain that in order to say, I would love the idea of being able to interact with other like minded women for advice, encouragement, and even education on my lifestyle changes. It seems that starting my own blog would be a great way to do this.
I live in an area where I have been unable to find even ONE church that teaches/shares my (new) convictions! I have searched for a church that would be up to a 2 hour drive from me and I have found NOTHING. I still do attend a church locally, however it's basically the "less of the evils" for what I can find, as every single church I've looked into has some sort of strange heretical teaching and/or extra biblical doctrine they're promoting!
Since this is all so new to me, and I am unable to surround myself with like-minded believers in person, I am thinking it would be great to have a personal blog where I could "meet" like minded ladies who would be able to offer advice, encouragement, and even answer the MANY new questions I have everyday! I find that I am so very many questions! Ha!
I see that I have started to ramble on and on here, I apologize for that, let me get to the point. I was hoping that you (or your readers) might be able to offer some advice to me on the prospect of starting my own blog... it just seems so overwhelming because all of you ladies have such beautifully designed pages, and as I stated before, you are all such incredible writers! So, I would really like some advice for "where to start" if I should chose to do this, but really, I would just love ANY helpful insight and advice that you more 'seasoned' bloggers could give a 'nervous newbie' like myself!
Sorry about this super long comment, and thank you for taking the time to read it, and thank you (in advance) for any advice you might be able to offer! Again, you have a beautiful family and tell Meg we send Best Birthday Wishes from my family to yours! Thanks again for your time! With Love in Christ-

Sarah in Ireland said...

Sarah and Nora L ~ Thank you! :)

Amanda ~ Thank you for your kind words! I am glad that you are finding truth and instruction in the Bible - it is the only place you'll find it! :)

As for starting a blog; I just write for fun, to record memories and to share and receive encouragement from other like-minded ladies. To start this blog, I simply signed up with Blogger and used a basic pre-made template.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Amanda Smith said...

Yes, I have become keenly aware over the last several months that the Bible is the ONLY source I can go to and be sure of it's truth! Everywhere I look, in today's world there seems to be nothing but lies. It's really scary how bad it's gotten, and getting worse so fast it seems.
Also, thank you for the information! I am so 'ignorant' when it comes to these things, I thought that the blog pages had to be basically 'built' from scratch like designing a web-page! Ha! I didn't realize it was as simple as signing up for an account. I started an account this afternoon, I titled my page "The Berean Way" so you are welcome to "stop by" anytime. I can't believe it was so simple! Geesh! So, thanks again!
With Love in Christ-