Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monza - Board Game Review

At Christmas time, Dylan received a new board game - "Monza"!  We love board games and find that for the little kids, we LOVE "Haba" games best of all!  They are simple to play, fun, colourful, and made of good quality materials.  This game is a car racing game, with the goal to cross the finish line before the other players.  Initially, it seems as though success in this game is entirely dependant on the "luck of the roll"...but there is a little strategy involved too.

At present, this is Dylan's favourite game to play (his old favourite was another Haba game - Orchard).  We parents enjoy it, because we can either play as a family, or have special one-on-one with a particular child.  Also, the game is a "quick play" game, so we can play through two or three fun games of Monza, in about twenty minutes.  It can be so hard to find good board games for children, and indeed the whole I hope that this little review may be helpful! :)

It's Gonna Be A Close One!

Uh-Oh, I Don't Think Dylan Is Happy About His Roll

He Won!  Hooray For Dylan!

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1HappyWife said...

That looks like a fun game! We love games too :).