Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Aftermath!

Yesterday, Ireland experienced very bad weather.   Admittedly, it may not have been anywhere near "very bad", compared with some of the extreme weather experienced in other countries; but for us, it was highly unusual.  The kids and I were worried for my husband, who was out driving for his job in it - we prayed for God's protection over him. 

We stayed indoors all day, and my kids (mainly Dylan) were super excited about the "hurricane" outside!  At one stage, Dylan hopped about from window to window, exclaiming about this thing and that.  He even said: 

Dylan:  "I hope our house doesn't blow away".

Me:  "There's no chance of that Bud, our house is built of solid block".

Dylan: *sheepishly added*  "...I hope that it might blow away.  It would be a *little* bit fun!"

Haha - funny boy!  I think he had visions of it being, sort of like, taking a train ride...except through the clouds!  I told him to come away from the windows and come sit down, as there really wasn't anything "dramatic" going to happen.  Then I looked out the window and noticed that our trampoline was missing!  The wind had ripped it out of the ground and deposited it in our neighbours field!  *We have now retrieved it, and my husband is hoping that he'll be able to repair it.*

In the evening, there was a little more drama, when my husband informed us that one of our cows, had shoved it's head into a hole of an upturned tree, and was now firmly STUCK!  Cows *really* are not smart animals!  So after a full days work and no dinner, (he had gone straight out to tend and check the cattle) my husband set off at 10:30pm to try and free the cow.  My brother went too, and between them both and a vast array of implements, they were about to free the cow within an hour.

Today, the guys have spent almost the whole day tending to the damage and fixing fences...etc.  My husband took some pictures whilst he and Dylan were out and about today, I thought they were amazing! 

"Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein:
 then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice
. Before the LORD: for he cometh
, for he cometh to judge the earth:
 he shall judge the world with righteousness,
 and the people with his truth." 
~ Psalm 96:12-13


Nikki said...

Sooo thankful for God's protection on your husband. I can hardly wait to share the cow story with my husband when he comes in. Those pictures were AMAZING!!!!

Rashel Blank said...

Very thankful you are all safe and your hubby made it home safe as well! At least your son is enthralled with storms and not frightened like some children are. Enjoyed the pictures!

1HappyWife said...

Thanking the Lord for protecting you all!!! Dylan just makes me laugh :).