Monday, March 31, 2014

40 Weeks ~ "Guess The Weight" Voting!

Happy due date to me, happy due date to me...!  Yes, today is our official due date, buuuuuuut there is no sign of Abigail arriving just yet.  The kids and I drove to see our midwife today, and all is looking great. 

As you can tell from the above picture, I do have somewhat more oedema/swelling than I've ever experienced in my other pregnancies, though my midwife is not concerned, especially since my blood pressure is normal.  It just means that, for now, I look quite a bit "chunkier" in the face, hands, ankles...well, everywhere really!!

While I might feel as big as a cruise-liner, in actual fact, our midwife has stated numerous times that she think Abigail will be a "normal" sized baby.  Obviously predicting baby weights is not an exact science,  but I am intrigued to see what she will weigh, given that our other children weighed as follows, at birth:

Amy: 8lb 9oz (1 day early)
Dylan: 10lb 5oz (10 days late)
Meg: 10lb 5oz (due date)

So, just for a bit of fun during these last days, cast your votes in the comments section below, on what weight you think Abigail will be, when she is finally born!  :)


Brandon said...

Hey. Its nicole (@Little is Much) (I'm somehow "stuck" in my husbands google account. It won't let me log out- So I've been refraining from commenting on blogs until its but I had to get in on the guessing.
I think 3 days over... and 9lb.5oz. :)

Rashel Blank said...

I'm glad you are doing well but I am sure you are more than anxious to hold your sweet baby in your arms. My guess is 9lb 7oz.

Diana said...

10 lbs. 2 oz

Wishing you a fast, easy, and uneventful birth for the wee one!!



Anonymous said...

I am going to say 5 days late as that was how late I was with Joshua and it all that is coming to my mind. :) I will guess 10 lbs. 2 oz :) I think you look great!!! I ONLY see baby! Checking in often as I just can't wait to hear that Abigail is here!!

Sally Owen said... tend to have bigger babies so I am going to go with 8 pounds and 15 ounces. Although I really hope you get a smaller baby this time...they are so much easier to push out! LOL! Praying for you! :) Can't wait to hear of Abigail's arrival. :)

Lady Violet said...

I don't often comment on your blog but I couldn't resist the temptation this time :) Praying that you have an easy delivery, Sarah. My guess is that baby might come just a week later than anticipated and weigh, say, 8 1/2 pounds.
I'm so excited I keep looking for news every time I use the computer!
May God bless you all, S.

1HappyWife said...

I'll guess 9 pounds 8 ounces. Amy and Meg came pretty punctual so maybe Abigail will follow in their foot steps and be only a day or two "late" :).
Praying for you and little one. CAN"T wait to hear the news!!!

Sarah in Ireland said...

1HappyWife ~ 9lb 8oz is what I have guessed too! :)

Thank you for all the submissions - this *is* fun!

1HappyWife said...

Too funny :)!!!

Oh, I just can't wait to hear she is here!!! Checking in throughout the day :).

Anonymous said...

I keep checking in. :)

Kerri said...

This was a week ago and no update, I pray all is well.
I will guess 10 pounds 10 oz.

Sarah in Ireland said...

In going over the weights, both here on the blog, and on Facebook; the winner is...

My husband! Who guessed exactly 8lb 5oz! :)