Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Funny Kid'isms

Dylan Prepares The Coal/Wood For The Fires Most Nights...
He Often Looks Like This When He Is Finished!

Me:  "Hmmm, what hymn shall we sing?"

Dylan:  "Oh, I know, I know!  I want to sing the one about "Is your heart speckled".

I was initially confused, but realised what he meant, as he hummed a few bars ...

Me:  "Oh, do you mean "Is your GARMENT, SPOTLESS, are you white as snow?  Are you washed in the blood of the lamb?"

Dylan: "Yes, that's it!"


Meg:  "Poopys are yacky, wee-wees make me happy!"


We were enjoying some kefir ice-cream after dinner, one evening...

Meg: "My baby Abigail (the imaginary one, in her own tummy) LOVES ice-cream".

Me: "Oh, then it's a good thing that you are so unselfish and don't mind eating it!"

Meg: "Baby Abigail wriggles and wriggles, and hurts me for ice-cream!"


Typical Meg!

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