Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet "Buddy"!

Meet Buddy!

Amy has been asking for a small, furry house pet for some time.  She had hoped to get one for Christmas, but my husband was not keen on the idea at all.  Needless to say, the only furry things she received for Christmas, were woolly sweaters and scarves! 

Just a few weeks ago, we were visiting with good friends of ours, when Amy asked if she could pet their rabbit.  Their rabbit is so tiny and cute!  Amy managed to talk my husband into holding it for a little while too.  My husband thought our friends rabbit was really nice and so once we were home, she began up her campaign once again!  Surprisingly, he agreed to her getting a house rabbit!!! 

Just a couple of days later, we took the whole family to a local pet store and Amy picked out "Buddy".  We originally wanted a "Netherlands Dwarf" rabbit, however Buddy is not a full dwarf, but rather a dwarf cross.  The store had lots of lion-head rabbits, but we agreed that taking care of all that fur might be taking on too much.  So Buddy rode home on Amy's lap, with the other two kids doting on him all the way too.

Buddy now lives in our sitting room and is seemingly enjoying being part of the family.  Our dog has gotten used to him now...but we still think that he would like to make Buddy his next meal, if he got half the chance!  So far, we've noticed that Buddy loves to hop about the Playmobil that is often scattered about the sitting room floor, be petted, eat hay, drink lots of water and poop!  In regards to that last one: Amy has thankfully managed to (mostly) house-train him, so that he doesn't do it *everywhere* when he is out of his cage for his daily exercise.  Phew! 

Meg Cuddles For Buddy

Meg Was SO Happy That She Got To Pet The "Wabbat"!

Though She Isn't Too Keen On His Scratchy Feet!

Buddy With His Happy New Owner

Kisses For Buddy

Daddy *Tried* Not To Make Too Many Jokes About Rabbit Stew,
Rabbit Pie, Bunny Burgers...Etc!

Buddy And His Rapt Audience!

We Think Buddy Loves His New Home And Family!


1HappyWife said...

Buddy is so cute! I could not help laugh about Amy's persistence :) or the comments your hubby made.
Looks like you will have many fun adventures with Buddy.

Nikki said...

Hi Mrs O'Neill,
I saw where you told my Mom on her blog that you had watched some of the downloads from Moore Family Films. We bought one but can't get it to play. Would you mind telling me how you downloaded yours? Thanks! ~Salinn

P.S. Buddy is adorable.:)

Nikki said...

Oh he is sweet. I have thought it would be fun to house train one of ours but....our cats would probably enjoy that rabbit stew. :)

Sarah in Ireland said...

Salinn ~ Yes, we did download three in total over the last few months: The Moody Family, The Moss Family and More Than Maple Syrup. They were all great!

Now for the technical bit: We use firefox as our browser, so that is the only way I can advise on. Once our download has begun a little arrow lights up flashing green on our browser bar (on the top right of our screen), when the download is finished we just click there and it opens. After we have watched the movie, Amy usually does something to move it to the desktop (so I can access it easily)...but I have no idea how she does that, even though she has shown me! I hope that, that may be a little bit helpful in some way. Failing that, or if you don't have firefox, I suggest you contact Moore Family Films directly, and they may be able to help you more. :)

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thank you 1HappyWife, Nikki and Salinn! :)

GracefulMomto11 said...