Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rodent Rescue!

Everyone Say "Vole!"

One morning this week, we were all sitting at the kitchen table.  The kids were working on school, I was supervising and resting whilst Abigail was napping, when I happened to spot the cat acting strangely out on the driveway.  I didn't think much of it until about ten minutes later she was still sitting next to one of the kids ride-on toys and acting odd.  I popped on my shoes and ventured out...

See His Tiny Tail!
Also, You Can't See It Here, 
But His Head Was Rather Domed Like In The Picture Below
...Nothing Like The Usual Mice We See

Lo and behold, when I gently picked up the vehicle I spotted that there was a little mouse-like animal underneath!  At this stage the cat had ran off, so I called the kids and grabbed a container to catch the poor wee guy.  

Catch him we did!

As I was taking the top picture of the kids (please take no notice to the fact that Miss Meg is still in her jammies!) with our new furry friend, Meg promptly put her hand into the container and petted the "soft mousie". *dies of germphobia* When Amy retrieved our wildlife book, she soon discovered that our mouse wasn't really a mouse at all, but a bank vole!  How cool! Once the kids had made sure that the cat was nowhere in sight, they took the vole to the hedgerow and set him free!  Hopefully next time he'll know the steer clear of the cat!

We Found A Picture In Our Wildlife Book

Impromtu Science Lesson - How We Homeschoolers Like To Roll :)

One Of Our Rodent Rescuers!

A Quick Photo Opportunity Before He Made His Escape!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pictures From Abigail's First Week!

Sleeping Beauty

Okay, I know I promised lots more posts, including Abigail's birth story...  However, I haven't quite gotten around to blogging much yet!  While I have definitely have found it easier to "find my footing" this time around, spare time is still EXTREMELY minimal at the moment!

We are totally in LOVE with Abigail, she is just the most contented baby EVER!
  She hardly ever cries, save only when she has a pain in her tummy, or wants to nurse.  Plus, there are so many loving hands wanting to help and/or hold her that, I guess, she never really *needs* to cry!  Those who have asked, or been wondering about how nursing is going this time around, will be glad to know (I know I am!!!) that I am STILL nursing Abigail!!!  After a wonderful three weeks, this seems like a miracle to me!!!

Sadly, I have to cut short this post, as I do have a long list of chores to tend to, before baby wakes up!  We hope you enjoy some pictures from Abigail's first week! 

We Found This Cute Book At The Library!

Abigail Wearing The Lovely Hat That Our Friends Daughter Knitted
Too Cute!

Lovely Cards From Thoughtful Friends

Big Yawn!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Week In The Kitchen With Amy

 Baked Egg Custard

 Amy Has Been Blessing Us So Much With Her Lovely Cooking!


Delicious Minestrone  - My Husband LOVED This!
(She Added Too Much Pasta By Following My Bad Advice!)

 Pretty Salad With Spring Primroses

Mint Chocolate Brownies

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hooray For Packages!


Not One, Not Two...But THREE Packages!

Just a couple of days before Abigail was born, we received three packages in the mail!  We were eager to open them!  The brown box was a little boring for the kids, as it only contained more prenatal vitamins.  Haha!

Dylan Was Excited For One In Particular 
The BIG black plastic-wrapped box was MUCH more exciting, as it contained our new hard drive.  Our old computer finally "bit-the-dust" a few weeks ago.  We had it checked over with a computer specialist and he informed us that it would be cheaper to buy a new one, than attempting to fix our old one.  The computer guy was supposed to send us on quotes for a new one several times, but failed to do so.  Eventually we decided to look around ourselves and go with the best one we thought would fit our needs.  Just a few hours later, I had spotted one that was the same brand as our old one ("Compaq" - which had lasted 10 YEARS!) and was within our price range.  The day after our order was placed, the company rang up and told my husband that the one we ordered was the last one in stock, as well as the display model, and so gave us two years extended warranty free of charge!  What a blessing, as we had been trying to decide whether or not to buy extended warranty...but given the additional charge had decided to not purchase it.  God has met so many of our needs lately, that we were yet again in awe of how well he provides for, not only our needs, but many of our wants too! 

Next came the brown envelope...  Dylan was very excited to open this one, as he knew exactly who had sent it: Pastor Anderson, all the way from Arizona!  My husband and I had wanted to gift Dylan with a new piano book, as the one he was currently using was quite difficult, and we felt as though this was discouraging his playing.  Amy was very pleased with the books also, and told us of the obvious benefits she could see in using the Complete Church Piano Course.  That very same day, I sat down with him to practice the first hymn in Book One: "Nothing But The Blood".  Within twenty minutes he had learned to play the first two bars!  We were very blessed by Pastor Anderson, who had also kindly added many extra items in our package!

 New Piano Books!

A Christian Documentary Exposing Modern Bible Versions

Buy Your Copy HERE
Watch Online For Free HERE

 Within Just Twenty Minutes,
 Dylan Could Play The First Two Bars Of "Nothing But The Blood"!

Hooray For Packages!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Abigail Joy!

Abigail is here!

Our beautiful daughter Abigail Joy O'Neill, was born April 3rd 2014, at 3:25am, weighing 8lb 5oz.  Since her arrival we have been spending much time snuggling and resting.  I am sorry to those who were waiting for news of her arrival, but resting and enjoying her sweet "baby-ness" came well ahead of blogging this week!  However, now that I am up and about again, you can expect lots more photographs, news and hopefully her birth story.  Thank you to all who prayed for her safe delivery, sent us well wishes, cards and gifts, your kindness and love meant so much to us!