Monday, April 14, 2014

Hooray For Packages!


Not One, Not Two...But THREE Packages!

Just a couple of days before Abigail was born, we received three packages in the mail!  We were eager to open them!  The brown box was a little boring for the kids, as it only contained more prenatal vitamins.  Haha!

Dylan Was Excited For One In Particular 
The BIG black plastic-wrapped box was MUCH more exciting, as it contained our new hard drive.  Our old computer finally "bit-the-dust" a few weeks ago.  We had it checked over with a computer specialist and he informed us that it would be cheaper to buy a new one, than attempting to fix our old one.  The computer guy was supposed to send us on quotes for a new one several times, but failed to do so.  Eventually we decided to look around ourselves and go with the best one we thought would fit our needs.  Just a few hours later, I had spotted one that was the same brand as our old one ("Compaq" - which had lasted 10 YEARS!) and was within our price range.  The day after our order was placed, the company rang up and told my husband that the one we ordered was the last one in stock, as well as the display model, and so gave us two years extended warranty free of charge!  What a blessing, as we had been trying to decide whether or not to buy extended warranty...but given the additional charge had decided to not purchase it.  God has met so many of our needs lately, that we were yet again in awe of how well he provides for, not only our needs, but many of our wants too! 

Next came the brown envelope...  Dylan was very excited to open this one, as he knew exactly who had sent it: Pastor Anderson, all the way from Arizona!  My husband and I had wanted to gift Dylan with a new piano book, as the one he was currently using was quite difficult, and we felt as though this was discouraging his playing.  Amy was very pleased with the books also, and told us of the obvious benefits she could see in using the Complete Church Piano Course.  That very same day, I sat down with him to practice the first hymn in Book One: "Nothing But The Blood".  Within twenty minutes he had learned to play the first two bars!  We were very blessed by Pastor Anderson, who had also kindly added many extra items in our package!

 New Piano Books!

A Christian Documentary Exposing Modern Bible Versions

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 Within Just Twenty Minutes,
 Dylan Could Play The First Two Bars Of "Nothing But The Blood"!

Hooray For Packages!


1HappyWife said...

Packages are sooooooo much fun!!! Even if you know what is coming :).
That is so neat that they gave you an extended warranty ... Just never know how the Lord will bless :).

Nikki said...

Packages are soooo much fun! :)

Mrs. Doug said...

Congratulations on your little Abigail. She is so sweet and I'm sure she has been a blessing to you all. I am happy to hear of Dylans enthusiasm for playing the piano. I hope you keep it up young man. My daddy played the piano and though it was difficult because his fingers were so wide, he was used of God that way. He was a missionary pastor and there were not many churches in the backwoods of Maine who had a pianist. I remember him playing the pump organ and singing away. Perhaps one day God will use your talent in music in a similar way.

Blessings to you all.