Friday, April 25, 2014

Pictures From Abigail's First Week!

Sleeping Beauty

Okay, I know I promised lots more posts, including Abigail's birth story...  However, I haven't quite gotten around to blogging much yet!  While I have definitely have found it easier to "find my footing" this time around, spare time is still EXTREMELY minimal at the moment!

We are totally in LOVE with Abigail, she is just the most contented baby EVER!
  She hardly ever cries, save only when she has a pain in her tummy, or wants to nurse.  Plus, there are so many loving hands wanting to help and/or hold her that, I guess, she never really *needs* to cry!  Those who have asked, or been wondering about how nursing is going this time around, will be glad to know (I know I am!!!) that I am STILL nursing Abigail!!!  After a wonderful three weeks, this seems like a miracle to me!!!

Sadly, I have to cut short this post, as I do have a long list of chores to tend to, before baby wakes up!  We hope you enjoy some pictures from Abigail's first week! 

We Found This Cute Book At The Library!

Abigail Wearing The Lovely Hat That Our Friends Daughter Knitted
Too Cute!

Lovely Cards From Thoughtful Friends

Big Yawn!


sarah in the woods said...

I am so happy that you have been blessed by this precious, perfectly beautiful girl!

Nikki said...

She is just so sweet! Love that last picture!

1HappyWife said...

How do you get any chores done?? :) She is so beautiful. I am so happy to hear that nursing is going well for you this time. She looks so peaceful and content sleeping there.
You can tell a well loved baby :).