Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rodent Rescue!

Everyone Say "Vole!"

One morning this week, we were all sitting at the kitchen table.  The kids were working on school, I was supervising and resting whilst Abigail was napping, when I happened to spot the cat acting strangely out on the driveway.  I didn't think much of it until about ten minutes later she was still sitting next to one of the kids ride-on toys and acting odd.  I popped on my shoes and ventured out...

See His Tiny Tail!
Also, You Can't See It Here, 
But His Head Was Rather Domed Like In The Picture Below
...Nothing Like The Usual Mice We See

Lo and behold, when I gently picked up the vehicle I spotted that there was a little mouse-like animal underneath!  At this stage the cat had ran off, so I called the kids and grabbed a container to catch the poor wee guy.  

Catch him we did!

As I was taking the top picture of the kids (please take no notice to the fact that Miss Meg is still in her jammies!) with our new furry friend, Meg promptly put her hand into the container and petted the "soft mousie". *dies of germphobia* When Amy retrieved our wildlife book, she soon discovered that our mouse wasn't really a mouse at all, but a bank vole!  How cool! Once the kids had made sure that the cat was nowhere in sight, they took the vole to the hedgerow and set him free!  Hopefully next time he'll know the steer clear of the cat!

We Found A Picture In Our Wildlife Book

Impromtu Science Lesson - How We Homeschoolers Like To Roll :)

One Of Our Rodent Rescuers!

A Quick Photo Opportunity Before He Made His Escape!


Elizabeth said...

A few years ago, Ethan caught a field rat and was naturally smitten with love, cuddling it in his hands. (gag) The rat didn't reciprocate his affections, bit his pinkie finger, and ripped off a huge chuck of meat. When we took him to the hospital, the emergency room doctor offered this is comfort: "Fortunately, rats are rather clean ... for vermin." That was the point where I thought I would die.

I don't think we have voles here, but we had a snake in our yard and a blue-tailed skink IN our house yesterday. Life in the country, I suppose.

I'm pretty sure haven't extended my congratulations on Abigail's birth yet. She is beautiful! I have about 5 weeks left on this pregnanacy: June 4. I'm counting the days. ;)

Anonymous said...

You all are so sweet to release him. :) I hate anything rodent like......they like to find their way into my house and I really dislike them. Glad you all could enjoy your science lesson though.

Nicole Pelkey said...

Love science lessons like that!! We are doing that currently too. The kids found frog eggs today wlso we began learning about them for almost the rest of the day!! :) fun!

1HappyWife said...

I must say he is kind of cute :) ... not as cute as the three adorable kids in the first picture though.
Those are fun homeschooling moments!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Elizabeth ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had been wondering how your family has been getting on. I had been thinking that you might be expecting, when I saw you pinning pregnancy related articles on Pinterest! Please, please, please update your blog!!! ;)