Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pretty Girl!

Pretty Girl!

Recently, kind friends of ours gave Abigail this beautiful dress.  I think she looks just ADORABLE in it; of course, she always looks ADORABLE anyway!  I did take this picture about 2-3 weeks ago!  Yes, I am soooooo behind on keeping this blog updated.  Yikes - where does the time go?    I do have a few family posts coming up, plus a brilliant sermon that my husband would like for me to share, but for now, I thought I'd leave you with this little cutie to look at!

Looking At Big Sister Meg!


Nikki said...

I was just thinking YESTERDAY that I wish Sarah in Ireland would update so I could see that pretty baby. I would rather hold her but since that won't be happening...I will content myself on her sweet little pictures. Thanks for sharing. I imagine you are quite busy. Life with a newborn is always busy but I know that the more you have the "easier" it is as well. At least I ALWAYS found that to be the case. Always someone willing to hold the baby. Joshua is one next week and I still have siblings begging to "hold " him! :) It is a good life we as Mama's live.

Sarah said...

She's adorable!

1HappyWife said...

Soooo precious!!!