Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Sweet Laundry Helper

Being a busy family of six, and living on a farm, definitely makes for a lot of laundry!  It seems as though that laundry mountain will NEVER be conquered!  I do spend a lot of time in my laundry room each day.  However, whenever this cute little lady comes to be my helper, the job is ALWAYS sweeter! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amy's 15th Birthday

A Vintage Tea Party Theme...

Gift Giving Time Before Breakfast

Pretty Earrings

Dylan Bought These Beautiful Roses For Amy

Meg REALLY Wanted To Help Amy To Open Her Gifts

A Wooden Jewellery Box


A Beautiful Handmade Doll,
 That Amy's Friend Knitted For Her Birthday!

Snuggles With The Dolly

 Meg Did The "Kisses" On Amy's Card
All By Herself!

A Yummy Birthday Breakfast:

Passion Fruit Coulis

A Knitting Pattern Book From
Nanny And Grandad

Great-Grandad George Was Visiting Also

Delicious Birthday Cupcakes!

Given That We Are In A Busy Period Right Now,
I Chose To Order Amy's Cupcakes From
 A Very Talented Lady In Our Town.

The Birthday Girl Reading Her New Book

Sweet Cupcakes For A Sweet Girl!

Happy 15th Birthday Amy!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"I Wub Abigail!"

Meg "Wubs" Abigail...A LOT!!!

Meg Talks All.The.Time, Of What She And Abigail 
Will Do Together, When Abigail Is Bigger

Meg "Wubs" To Kiss, Snuggle And Chatter To Her
"Tiny Wittle Sister"

I Think Abigail Is So BLESSED To 
Have Such Loving Siblings!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amy's Infinity Scarf

Recently, Amy began to learn how to knit.  Admittedly, she began to learn a little while ago, but got discouraged early on with it.  Over the last few weeks she has picked it up again, after being encouraged by her friend who is a talented knitter.  Amy chose this lovely variegated blue wool with metallic copper flecks, to knit her "infinity scarf".  She kept it simple and knitted the entire piece in a "knit" stitch, that way she only had to make sure to not drop stitches and work on her tension.  I think it turned out very nicely and she looks beautiful wearing it!  Well done Amy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Barrel Of Laughs!

Meg Wearing One Of Her New Skirts, 
She LOVES Them!

Scruffy Enjoyed The Sunshine Too!

I LOVE Being Able To Hang The Laundry Out To
 Dry In The Summer - It Smells So Good!

Abigail Had A Lovely Outdoor Snooze

Fun Begins With The Blue Barrel...

 Meg Said She *Couldn't* Smile!

A Quick Tickle Soon Put That To Rights!

"Let's Push Amy Off The Barrel!"

Scruffy Ignoring All The Madness!

 I LOVE This Picture!

Beautiful Blue Skies!