Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bits And Pieces

Amy Spotted This Little Guy One Morning On Our Lawn

As of two weeks ago, we are officially enjoying our summer break - woo-hoo!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I love educating our children at home...but I do enjoy our holidays too!  We are loving the  nice break, and perhaps a slower pace of busy. 

We haven't planned to take a holiday (vacation) this year at all, but instead have several day trips that we would like to enjoy instead.  Though we usually take a flexible approach to the summer, this year I would like to make a list of day trip and activities that we would like to do/enjoy, so as to keep myself accountable and ensure that everyone has a turn in suggesting something that they would like to do.  I was inspired to do this after reading on one of my favourite blogs!

We Do Get A Lot Of Hares Around Here

Off He Goes!

Amy has been enjoying attending a local knitting class/circle and is happy to be learning more about this skill.   She had recently completed an infinity scarf, and at present is working on two projects: a knitted collar-type scarf, onto which she'll be adding decorative buttons and a knitted bolero jacket. Learning to crochet was also on her "to-do" list and so I have been teaching her how to make a basic "granny square".  Just like one of her friends, Amy's bedroom drawers are quickly filling with all types of pretty balls of wool!  I hope to post next week on her progress with the bolero. :)

Abigail, Visiting With Grandad

Haha - So Serious!

There has been so much "change" this year already, that I'm almost nervous as to what else might change!  In all the change though, we have been very blessed and have been learning much about ourselves, as well as others.  One thing that has surprised me, is how much learning and changing is happening in the way I mother my children.  I have stated before, that I named this blog "Heartsdesire", because it is my hearts desire to become the wife and mother that God wants me to be.  Well...the Lord has had a lot to work with!!!  Since the birth of Abigail, I have marvelled at how much more relaxed I am, and am learning slowly just do what works for our family, instead of trying to reach impossible goals that I set for myself!!!

Off To The Park With Daddy

Miss Meg Loves To Use Stickers!

I apologise for not blogging/commenting much over the last year.  I do always hope to do better, particularly because most of my family are overseas and this is one way they can see what the children are up to and how they have grown...etc.  Amy also is telling me that I need to blog MUCH more!  In the meantime though, I hope you enjoy these pictures! :)

Drawing On Our New Chalkboard Vinyl


1HappyWife said...

It was fun to catchup with you! The pictures of Abagail and her Grandad are just precious. Can't wait to see what Amy is making.

Christi A. said...

Cute pictures. I can't wait to see what your summer turns out like!