Thursday, September 11, 2014

Abigail's Avocado

One Day Last Week, We Enjoyed Tacos For Our Evening Meal...

Abigail Thought Meg's One Looked Especially Delicious!

"Hmm, Perhaps Some Chicken Instead?"

"If Only My Arms Were A Bit Longer!"

This Little Cutie Repeatedly Grabbed At The Food,
So I Loaded Up A Spoon With Mashed Avocado, 
And Let Her Have-At-It!

Such A Happy Girl!


Anonymous said...

She is too cute! Avocado was Joshua's first food and he loves it still. WEll so does his mama.

1HappyWife said...

She is too cute! Such a nice Momma to give in :) ... that reaching in the second picture was so funny :).
She sure does look happy about getting some.

Anonymous said...

Oh so precious, is this the first "real" food she has ever had a taste of?

Loren said...

please be careful with the bumbo on the table (or any raised surface) It appears that she's only up there when someone is right there but things can happen in the blink of an eye. My daughter could make her bumbo flip over with little effort.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki ~ I LOVE avocado too! :)

1HappyWife ~ I really like that picture too. you can just see how intent she was on getting that taco!

Anon ~ No, Abigail had previously had a little taste of sweet potato, which she loved as equally. :)

Loren ~ Thank you, Loren. Yes, you are right! The bumbos *can* tip over. I've only ever had this happen with one of my children before (whilst on the ground), but know that it can happen. Rest assured that Abigail is never seated there, unless someone is right next to her. :)