Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why We Need Hard Preaching

If you're thinking "didn't I see this post here before?", then the answer is: YES!  I *did* post this exact sermon some time ago!  In the original post, I had unfortunately slightly misquoted someone, and so an apology was made to the offended party, and I took down the post, as to remove any further issues.  However, my husband and I feel that the above sermon is so AWESOME, and are convinced that you won't hear this preached in most Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, that we wanted to post it here again, in the hopes that it will be a blessing to someone. 

Hard preaching is sorely lacking in the churches of today.  We have been told by two of our previous pastors, that they personally disliked this sort of preaching and that it doesn't work...

Failure to preach hard, only leads to sin in the church.  As I once heard it said: "you'd be offended at this sort of preaching, even if it was whispered".  Ha! ;)

Well, my husband and I can tell you from our own experience, that it DOES work!!!  Not to mention the other families that we know personally, that LOVE this preaching and are thankful for the impact it has had on their own walk with the Lord, and within their own families.   Grab your family, pull up a chair and...buckle your seatbelt!

"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet,
 and shew my people their transgression,
 and the house of Jacob their sins."
~ Isaiah 58:1

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Diana said...

I'm looking forward to listening! Thanks for posting!

AND (*clears throat expectantly*), we're still waiting across the pond to hear your birth story!! :)

Diana in AZ