Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dylan's 7th Birthday ~ Yee-Haw!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, on the 31st October, Dylan turned SEVEN years old!  Where has the time gone?  It still seems like just yesterday that he was born.  This year, we went with a "cowboy" themed birthday and it was a hit!  Yee-haw!!!

Texas Longhorns

A Big Red Wagon For The Birthday Boy - Just Perfect For Hauling Logs...
And Baby Sisters!

Cowboy Dylan Getting Ready For A Shoot Out!

Lookin' Tough!

Meg Liked Playing With The Horsies

Matching Jammies!

What's A Birthday Without A Cute Baby?!??


Such A Funny Girl

A Wood Carving Set

Dylan Was *Very* Excited About This Gift!

A Gift From A Kind Auntie, Who Remembered Dylan Quoting Psalm 23
To Her From Memory...
Though When You Have Verses Memorized
You Can Quickly Spot Mistakes On Other Things!

Can Anyone Tell The Missing Word?

First Model Aeroplane
Thank you "S" Family

Do You *Think* He Looks Excited?

A Nerf Gun - Thank you "K" Family!

A Gift From Big Sister Amy

Amy Found This Drink In The Polish Section Of The Supermarket
It Went Perfectly With Our "Cowboy" Breakfast

The birthday boy requested (like most everyone else on their birthday):

Chocolate Strawberries
Vanilla Yoghurt
Oooodles of maple syrup...
plus, some Cactus Juice!

"Cactus" Juice :)

Irish Table Manners At Their Finest!

"Cowgirl" Nanny

Grandad, With His Two Youngest Grandaughters

We All Thought The Western Look REALLY Suited Amy!!!

A Gift From Nanny & Grandad

For the afternoon, we ventured into town for a yummy lunch at the Bagel Factory.  We all enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with "special" drinks that Daddy treated to each other the three older kiddos.  They each got to choose a flavoured frappe, with lots of squirty cream and other delicious goodies.  What a kind Daddy he is!  Afterward, we decided to go and visit my mother-in-law, so she could spend some time with Dylan on his birthday.  We had a lovely time visiting with Granny and some aunts and cousins.

For the birthday dinner, we ate a simple lunch of: buffalo wings, salad and a few other side dishes.  It was tasty and simple, and the clean up wasn't so bad.  For the rest of the night we just spent time together, having fun and making memories; a few wagon rides for the little sisters, nerf gun wars, playmobil...etc.  All in all, we had a GREAT time helping Dylan to celebrate his special day!

This Little Peanut Had The *BEST* Time Riding Around In The Wagon!

Pretty Girl

Playmobil Is *Always* A Big Hit Around Here!

"Stick 'Em Up!

Happy 7th Birthday Dylan
We Love You So Very Much!!!