Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meet Meg's "Kids"

Meet Meg's "Kids"!

For months now, Miss Meg has had an increasing pile of "kids" beside her pillow.  The pile shown in these pictures is *nothing* compared to some days, when it can be twice or three times as big!  While rather an eclectic mix of offspring (a turtle, a few dinosaurs, a Friesian bull and a aeroplane for example), Meg is the perfect doting mother and loves them all!  A couple of times per day, she'll whisk away to the bedroom to play with them, talk to them...etc.  When running errands she often tells me: "I need to go home, my kids are missing me".  Sweet!  We have even caught her scrubbing a few dirty dinosaur kids with her own toothbrush!  This girl is a hoot and keeps us in stitches with her exuberant personality and funny sayings and doings.

The Doting Mama!

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Lady Violet said...

Moments to treasure. She'll make a very loving mama one day, bless her!