Monday, January 5, 2015

Off To The Library!

Smiley Baby

Whaaaaa?!??  This post was from *before* Christmas, and I only just spotted that I didn't actually get around to publishing it at all.  So I figured it is better late than never, especially considering that I don't have *any* other pictures to share, as my camera DIED just before Christmas. :( 

Anyways, we hope that you enjoy coming to the library with us! :)

For Some Reason Meg Wanted To Bring Along Her Paintbrush

Pretty Girl

Taking It Easy

I Don't Remember What She Was Talking About...
But She Was As Animated As Ever!

Such A FUN Girl

Hot Chocolates At The Library Are A Favourite Treat

Thanks For Coming Along!!!


Nikki said...

That was a FUN post to read!!! :) Joshua has a paci like Abigail's and he still likes to chew on it.Is it a natural rubber one?
I love your little seat in the back of your car for your little ones. Do they not have to be in car seats? Ours have to be in a car seat here till they are eight. :) That seems sooooo old! Anyway, it was fun to visit the library with you. Thanks for taking us along. I hope you get a new camera soon.I have missed you!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Hi Nikki ~ Abigail's pacifier *is* a natural rubber one...she won't use any other! My husband used to laugh about them when she was smaller, as they looked HUGE on her face, he said it looked like a barn door!

The back seat of our car really only suit younger kids, if big people sit in them, their knees are up to their chests! Meg is actually sitting on a booster seat in the photo, but you cannot see it on account of her favourite pink skirt! ;) If Dylan uses his booster on these back seats, he is actually to high for the head rests, but he does use one when he sits elsewhere or in Daddy's truck. On a side note, even our baby car seats are different here. Ours are not manufactured with a chest buckle. I really think we should have them. Ireland is a funny country! :)

Nikki said...

Wow that is interesting about the chest straps in infant seats. I just assumed it would be the same everywhere! Anyway,I enjoyed all your pictures. I can imagine that Abigails paci did fill up her tiny mouth. :) Funny how they love them!

Jocelyn Bucher said...

Many other countries do not have chest clips on their seats... However if you contact the manufacturer they usually will mail you one. I have a friend in the UK who did that. Well that is if you get a commercially recognized car seat product. Like Graco, Evenflo etc. She had an Evenflo....

AndNikki where do you live that the law is 8? Here its 5 for the 5 point and 8 for the booster.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Jocelyn ~ Thank you for sharing about the chest clip! Our car seat is a Britax...I will look into that for sure!

1HappyWife said...

That was fun and so was the conversation on car seats :)