Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Poor Baby

We have had a whole two weeks full of sickies.  As of right now, three out of the four kiddos are recovering from a cough and cold.  Miraculously, Meg hasn't caught it yet.  Praise God!!!  I am surprised, as she is usually the one who catches whatever is going around.  This time around, Brian and I contracted it first, then Abigail, Dylan and lastly, Amy.  While it isn't too bad of an does linger on and we are all about *done* being sick and are praying to recover quickly!

The kiddos have been making steady progress in their school work over the last two weeks, in between the blowing of noses and sneezing fits!  Just last week, Dylan scored his first 100% on an English test - he was DELIGHTED!  We have decided not to take this week off from school for mid-term, but the following week instead, as my husband will be on leave from work that week too.  That way we can do some FUN things together.  I did have one surprise up my sleeve, which I was saving for Resurrection Sunday...but once Daddy got wind of my plan, he trumped my schedule and brought it forward to be enjoyed on his week off!  Haha!  Stay tuned for that.

This week in school, we have set a challenge for both our school aged kiddos: To complete a set number of pages in their workbooks for a prize!  The prizes are a secret...but they're definitely good ones!  Amy and Dylan have been at it "hammer and tongs" for three days now, and even though the goals I set were pretty high, they both are on target to achieve them. 

I *Love* This Picture Of My Little Squish!
Last week, we celebrated "I Love You" day; our family's version of Valentines.  Apart from a few tests in the morning, we took the whole rest of the day off school, and made sweet treats, decorated, played games, did chores and prepared for a fancy-schmancy dinner!  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Our dessert was rather on the sweet side and the sugar effect on the kids was!!!  I do hope to get the pictures from that up in the next day or so...we shall see!

"And ye shall serve the LORD your God,
 and he shall bless thy bread,
 and thy water; and I will take sickness
 away from the midst of thee."
 ~ Exodus 23:25

Sunday, February 8, 2015

FWBC Listeners ~ U.K & Ireland

click on the linked picture above,
 to be taken to the group and you can request to join
Recently, my husband asked me to set up this group on Facebook: "FWBC Listeners ~ U.K & Ireland". The purpose of the group was/is as follows:
This group was created with the sole purpose of providing a space on social media where Bible-believing Christians, living in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, can encourage and edify one another. It also serves as a place whereby we can connect with other like-minded believers, who benefit from the preaching of Pastor Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona.

As stated, the group is ONLY for born-again believers living in Ireland or the United Kingdom, so if you "fit the bill" then please feel free to join, or share the link with someone else who may find the group helpful.

Disclaimer:  Trolls need not apply.  If you are considering joining for this purpose, please *don't*, it will only waste my time in having to delete and block you.  Thanks! :)

Squishy Baby Cheeks

One day last week, I really needed to get a chore finished, inbetween helping the kids with school, but Abigail wanted to be held and to cuddle.  So I popped her into our soft wrap and within minutes she was *fast* asleep.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fun Time With Nanny

Nanny With Her Youngest Grandaughters

Trying, In Vain, To Get Meg To Be Quiet!

We LOVE You Nanny!