Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crazy Haired Baby

Abigail just *LOVES* to rub her dinner through her hair!  Typically, she needs to be bathed everyday, just on the account of her dirty hair.  Of course, she has had such good practice with the food rubbing, that I only need to dot on a small bit of shampoo and she rubs it all over by herself!  ;) 

We ADORE this little sprout, she is such a happy girl
and brings so much joy to our family!


Nikki said...

Abigail could not get any cuter! She is so sweet!!! Love all the pictures of her. How nice that she can rub the shampoo all by herself. She is growing too fast.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki ~ She *IS* growing too fast! To me, it feels like just yesterday she was born, and yet she will be turning ONE just next week! :)

Nikki said...

Our family just received a package from a faraway land and it blessed us! :) Thank you sweet friends. :) That was such a sweet surprise!