Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jumping For Joy!

My Handsome Chaps!

You might remember in another post, that I hinted at having a treat in mind for the kiddos, to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.  My original plan, was just to replace our broken trampoline (that got smashed up in a storm), with an identical one.  I put the idea to my husband, and he thought it was great, but wanted to do it on his week holidays from work.  He also wanted to order one that was 3ft larger; making it 16ft!!!  Daddy knows how to do things BIG!!!

Digging In The Mud

A *HAPPY* Helper!

Abigail Looked SO SWEET
 That I Just *Had* To Take Lots Of Pictures Of Her!

"I See You, Mama!"

A Typical "Meg" Face :)

Daddy And His Helpers

"Take A Picture Of My Muddy Face!"

Meg Had SO MUCH Fun Swinging The Swing...

 And Running Away Before It Hit Her...

Until...She Slipped In The Mud

She Was SO Sad About "Ruining" Her Favourite Dress

She Wanted Me To Take A Picture ;)

She Was Happy That We Washed Them Straight Away

All Better!
(Though If You Zoom In,
 You'll See That She Is Still Rather Put Out!)

Almost Done!


(The Safety Netting Was Put Up A Little While Later)

These Two Bounced And Giggled For A LONG Time!

They Were Both *Exhausted* By Bedtime!

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