Monday, March 9, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, Dylan bought himself a marble-run, out of some Christmas money he was given.  We were visiting our local "alternative" shop, when the owner asked him to set up her display marble-run on the floor.  It took him a little while to do it, so the girls and I browsed, while he worked.  Dylan finally had the whole thing set up, and was coming to ask me to look at it, when he tripped and kicked it over!!!  Poor guy.  Anyways, he ended up buying one, and he and Meg have had great fun with it.   They usually love to play together, but this game really does seem to be a one player game!  Little sisters have a habit of letting the marbles loose, before the run is finished!!! ;)

We LOVE BigJigs Toys

Marble Run Fun!

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