Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cute Ebay Buy ♥

Recently, inspired by a friend's amazing Ebay buys, I ventured into the world of Ebay bidding!  There are some great bargains to be had.  However, watch out for the "priority shipping" that is on most items, which brings the total amount up to what you would pay for a brand new item!  Anyways, one day we found this sweet little skirt, that I thought was lovely, and I knew Meg would like it, as a friend of hers has one quite similar.

I think she looks as cute as a button, in her new skirt!  Meg LOVES to wear this skirt, on account of it's narrow design, which she tells me makes her run faster!  ;)

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Anonymous said...

We love e-bay and have found some really great deals. I love the free shipping that some people offer. We have done really well bidding on items although, it made me really nervous at first. :) LOVE Megs skirt. It is adorable!