Sunday, May 31, 2015

Making Ready The Garden...

Busy Boys

This past week, I began to get the garden ready for planting.  I had not planned on planting anything this year, on account of me finding out that we were expecting...but then when we learned that I had miscarried, there seemed no reason to hold back any longer.  And so, I decided that I would to plant a few things. 

Meg LOVES Gardening!

This Was The Puny Patch I Dug By Myself!

Anyways, as I say, one day last week I began!  Boy oh boy!  By the end of the afternoon, I was exhausted and my hands were sore and blistered.  We have a good, heavy spade, and even though I did try and use the spades own weight to cut through the sod...I just don't possess the same upper-body strength that my husband has.  Thankfully he has done almost all of the rest of the digging!  ♥


Amy, Bringing Abigail Out After Her Nap

Our Biggest And Littlest Girls

In the time since we took these pictures, we have sown: kale, carrots, swedes (though here in Ireland we still call these "turnips"), sunflowers and tomatoes.  We also have potatoes and strawberries in buckets.  I have plenty more crops that I would like to sow...but I ran out of seeds and haven't yet had time to go buy some more.  I can't wait for the first seedlings to appear in the ground!  However, it has been so cold and windy of late, that it really doesn't seem like it is almost *JUNE* and I am afraid that my seedlings will be afraid to poke their heads out! 

Abigail Enjoyed Exploring Through The Dirt
And Picking Stones Out Of The Garden

Here Is Abigail, Going Down The Embankment 
To Throw Her Stone Through The Fence

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Nikki said...

I always love seeing what you all are up to.:) Everything looks so fun. Thanks for sharing your family with us.