Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Latest Crochet Projects

Here is yet another reason why my posting is a little...slow!  I LOVE to crochet.  It is by far my favourite hobby, especially since my lovely family bought me some nice, soft, kind-to-the-hands hooks for Christmas last year. :)  I have had a little crochet break recently, as I was simply too tired once the kiddos were in bed, but now I am back into my yarn bag and happily crocheting away!  I would love to one day open an Etsy shop, in which to sell my crocheted items...we shall see.  Here are a few of my latest projects:


Nikki said...

Those crocheted animals are sooooo adorable. Please do open an etsy store!!!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thanks, Nikki! The animals are not my own patterns though. :) I wish I was as talented to think them up by myself! I am only able to crochet for a very limited time per day, and not every day either, so my projects are a little slow coming...but I would much rather be doing my BEST hobby anyways- my family! ♥