Friday, May 22, 2015

One Day Last Week...

The summer holidays are looming!  Even though we will most likely be working up to the end of July, we are excited to finish up for the year and enjoy some time off from the usual studies and routine.  Though, knowing myself, I will probably miss my usual routine within a fortnight or so! 

Dylan Working Hard At School

The Little Girls, Playing With Cotton Reels

Amy Made These Gorgeous Cupcakes -
They Were Topped With "Roasted Strawberry Frosting"!

Scented Stock

One thing I love about blogging, is that we get to enjoy looking back over posts, many months, or years, later!  Even less "exciting" pictures are a joy to look at; seeing how much each child has grown and what activities or games they may have been enjoying at that time.  Even though time for blogging is short, and I have considered closing this blog numerous times...I love to record these special memories of our daily lives so much and enjoy looking back on them.  So for the moment, I will keep going! :)

The Little Girls Decided To Play "Fishing" :)

Meg Caught Some Whoppers,
 And Told Me We Were Having Fish For Dinner!

A Cotton Sun-hat I Made For 9-12 mths...
I Still Need To Add Some White Flowers To It,
To Pretty It Up For A Sweet Little Lady To Wear.


This Picture Is A HOOT!
Abigail Is Mid Sneeze - Adorable!

A Lovely Plant, From A Lovely Friend

Dylan, Abigail And Scruffy, Playing With Stickle Bricks.

Abigail ADORES Dylan, And Cries For Her "Dilly-Time" Most Mornings


1HappyWife said...

Love the everyday nothing special pictures :). We love being able to look back too. I have considered closing our blog many times too ( even have that post in draft) but every time I try someone unknowingly makes me feel guilty if I do. Lol! The things you are making are so sweet! Is your Etsy shop up yet?
Have a blessed day :)!

Sarah in Ireland said...

1HappyWife ~ Am I one of those who make you feel guilty? Haha! we *love* your blog! :)

I have the Etsy Shop set up, but it not "open" yet. Though the way things are going, I'll be lucky if it is open this year at all! I sometimes wish I could press "fast-forward" on my hands - Haha! Truth be told, I haven't crocheted at all for about two weeks; we have simply been too busy. Hopefully, I'll have more time once all the garden is planted and I have finished decorating, what will become, the little girls room. :)