Monday, May 11, 2015

The Comma Butterfly

While out on a walk a few weeks ago, Amy took this picture.  She had found and photographed a "comma" butterfly.  Sometime before this picture was taken, a local wildlife enthusiast had told my husband that the rare "comma" butterfly had been spotted in our area.  While we were discussing the topic with friends after church, we found a picture of it in a wildlife book.  After a while Amy realised that it was the same one she had taken a picture of!  How exciting!  After phoning around, we were told that this butterfly is becoming somewhat more common in our localized area...but it was still a very cool discovery!  The following picture is one Amy also took whilst on a walk, but this butterfly is very common, but still oh-so-pretty! If you are living on our side of the pond and are interested in getting your kiddos excited about nature spotting, you can get some great printable children's "spotters guides" (butterflies included) from the Nature Detectives website.


Anonymous said...

Those sure are beautiful. I enjoy taking our children each fall to a fish and wildlife day where they learn about many amazing things. It is amazing when we think of all that God has created for our enjoyment.

sarah in the woods said...

Where we live the comma is very common but ive never seen the one at the bottom. What is it? Thank you for sharing these beautiful butterflies with us!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Sarah in the woods ~ This butterfly in the last picture is called a "peacock" butterfly. Isn't is so pretty? I love them and we have a lot of them too, which is great! :)