Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Abigail's Favourite Activity

Abigail LOVES To Brush Her Teeth!

Of Course, Everyone Else LOVES To Watch Her Do It!

She Has Six Teeth Now

Little Sister LOVES Her Doting Audience!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Amy's Birthday Dinner

The Day Before Amy's Actual Birthday,
We All Went Out For A Nice Dinner, At Our 
Favourite French Restaurant, To Celebrate!

My Parents

Still In Love 

The Whole Gang

Abigail *Much* Preferred Sitting On Daddy's Lap!

Fun Times


Our Meals Were Delicious!
Dylan Was Delighted To Be Allowed To Pick From The Adult Menu

After We Returned And Nanny And Grandad Had Gone Home,
Amy And I Took Some Pictures Outside

Pretty Dress For A Pretty Girl

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Abigail's "Kitty-Cat" 1st Birthday

Abigail *Loves* Kitty-Cats

Since it has been TWO months since Abigail's birthday, plus the fact that we have since had another birthday in the family, I thought it was high time I got this birthday post up!  We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Kind Siblings Gave A Teeny-Tiny Baby

Excited Girl!


Chocolate Mice

Little Momma

Dylan Helping Unwrap The Gift He Made

A Wooden Car

Dylan Worked SO Hard To Make This Special Gift

Playmobil 123

Nanny And Grandad Came To Visit

Amy, With My Brother And His Girlfriend

Nap Time

The Rest Of The Day Got Very Busy,
And So I Didn't Get Many Pictures...

But I Love These Ones Of Our Sweet Birthday Girl In Her Pretty Dress

Yummy Cake!

Yummy Plates Too?!??


Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Abigail Joy!