Saturday, July 4, 2015

Amy's 16th Birthday ~ Alice in Wonderland

"We're All Mad Here!"
Just a few short weeks ago,we celebrated Amy's SIXTEENTH birthday!  How in the world she got to be SIXTEEN is completely beyond my comprehension.  As strange as it may seem, I really was surprised that she had indeed, gotten to that age so quickly.  For most of her birthday morning, I cried everytime I thought about it!  She was sweet and hugged me while I got over my emotional outbursts!  Total role reversal. Haha!

This Table Scatter Was So Neat!

Amy's Chosen Birthday Breakfast

As goes the tradition in our family, the birthday child gets to pick out the meals they would like to have for the day.  For breakfast, Amy requested to have "multi-grain shapes".  It is most definitely something we do *not* normally buy...but it wasn't my birthday, so after card/gift opening time, we all enjoyed them for breakfast.  The little kids especially LOVED them! 

Excited Siblings...

Are Always...

Happy To Help!

A New Kindle To Replace Her Old Broken One

This Little Lady Needed A Quick Snack

Amy LOVES Sherlock Holmes Stories

Meg Decided The Flamingo Needed Breakfast Too

Piano Sheet Music Book

Gifts From Friends

Crazy Daisy!

For lunch, we just ate simple sandwiches that were quick to prepare. Daddy had gone to work at this stage also and Abigail had gone to bed already, on account of her being SUPER tired after such an exciting and late night before.  For the rest of the afternoon, we had some fun together, rested and got caught up on some chores.  Amy began to try and play though some of the piano pieces from her music book and she even managed to squeeze in some reading time on her Kindle, just as soon as it had fully charged.

The March Hare Stopped For A Spot Of Lunch

The Table Looks So Empty Without Abigail And Daddy

Amy is...

An Invaluable Family Member
A Good Listener
A Talented Pianist
A Hard Worker
A Motivated Student
A Fantastic Cook
A Daughter of the KING

Naturally Smoked Haddock

For our evening meal, Amy had requested Smoked Haddock Chowder, which is one of her all time FAVOURITE meals!  In fact, I think *all* of the kids love this recipe.  We invited Nanny and Grandad to eat with us too.  :)  Everyone had an awesome time celebrating with Amy and helping her eat her birthday cheesecakes!  Ha!


The Whole Crew,
Minus Daddy Who Was Still At Work

The Kids Were So Excited
When Grandad Uncorked The "Poppy" Juice!

Abigail Thought Chowder Was Best Rubbed All Through Her Hair!

Happy 16th Birthday, Amy!
We LOVE *You* So Much!

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Leslye said...

I must be hormonal but I cried when I read your description about your daughter. You are ****blessed*****